“Yeehaw! Cardi B puts a stylish spin on her daughter’s cowgirl-inspired outfit”

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari is making the most out of the quarantine period by flaunting her cowgirl-inspired outfit. The famous rapper shared a photo of her 22-month-old daughter on social media, dressed in all-denim attire with a pink cowgirl hat and mini fur around her shoulders. Kulture’s aunt Hennessy Carolina provided her with stylish boots while the fur was from @iamjenniferle. Cardi B expressed her pride for styling her little one, and Kulture herself added the finishing touch with her floral-print cowgirl boots.

kulture kiri rocks cowgirl outfit

Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture, was spotted wearing a cowgirl-inspired outfit recently. The toddler is often seen flaunting her mini fashion moments on her mother’s social media pages. In a video clip posted by Kulture’s father, Offset, the little girl can be seen playing and jumping around while donning some serious bling. Her outfit included a Versace t-shirt, stacked chains, and two blinged-out bracelets. One of the necklaces spelled out her name in colorful diamonds. Kulture is undoubtedly following in her stylish mother’s footsteps.

cardi b, daughter

Cardi B’s daughter is already proving to be a fashionista in her own right, with her adorable outfits being showcased on her mother’s social media. From stylish track suits to Gucci dresses, the little girl’s wardrobe is enviable. Even when they have nowhere to go or are traveling via private jet, Cardi ensures her daughter always looks her best. In a video featuring Kulture and her aunties, the tot is seen wearing a cute bib over her clothes while decorating cookies in the kitchen. It’s clear that Kulture has inherited her mother’s sense of style and we can’t wait to see more from this mini fashion icon!

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