“Why We Can’t Help But Admire Angelina Jolie: Exploring the Global Phenomenon”

In 2016, the actress achieved the title of the most admired woman, surpassing even the British queen.

According to the latest survey by YouGov news site, Angelina Jolie has been named the most admired public figure in 2016, surpassing Queen Elizabeth II, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and other renowned artists like Celine Dion, Madonna, and Taylor Swift.

Angelina Jolie is widely appreciated for her acting skills and humanitarian work, particularly for her role as an advocate in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Sexual violence. Her husband Brad Pitt is also a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It’s worth noting that she has topped the YouGov list multiple times.

You can find the published list on the YouGov news site. According to the rankings of the most admired men in the world for 2016, billionaire Bill Gates takes first place. Coming in second is US President Barak Obama, followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The martial arts legend Jackie Chan is in fourth place on the list.

People from over 30 countries worldwide participated in the selection of the titleholders. They were required to respond to two queries in full: “Who do you find admirable?” – with a vast variety of options, and “Who do you admire the most?” – with only one choice. Based on their answers, YouGov calculated the ultimate outcomes for the two most admired male and female figures in each year.


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