“Unveiling the Magic Behind Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent Transformation: A Candid Chat with the Costume Designer”

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Disney’s upcoming film “Maleficent,” featuring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning, is set to release on May 30, 2014. The movie depicts the story of a fallen fairy, and the costumes are a major part of bringing the fantasy to life. In this article, we will delve into the details shared by the costume designer about the making of the costumes. One of the favorite pieces created by the designer was a collar with feather shoulders attached to a delicate bone spine. The piece is elegant, feminine, and powerful all at once.

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Can you tell us about your journey into the world of costume design? Well, it all started with my passion for fashion design. I pursued my studies in this field right here in Spain. But I always had an affinity for using metals and unconventional materials to create unique designs. This led me to specialize in developing techniques that would help me bring my visions to life. The process is definitely challenging, especially since I always strive to mix fashion with art in innovative ways. As I traveled to different parts of the world, I drew inspiration from diverse cultures, architectural styles and historical elements. All these factors have contributed to my journey into the fascinating world of costume design.

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in costume design, I’d recommend taking the time to listen and learn. It’s important to seek advice from experienced professionals in the field, while also having faith in your own abilities. Remember to be patient with yourself as you work towards achieving your goals.

Can you walk us through the process of selecting accessories for Maleficent’s costumes?

When it came to designing the accessories for Maleficent’s costumes, my team and I had a lot of different ideas. We started by creating prototypes of various pieces, and then made decisions on which accessories would best enhance each costume.

How did you go about creating Maleficent’s overall look?

All of the pieces we designed were for Maleficent herself, as well as a few accessories for her crow. To conceptualize the designs, I delved into the Maleficent fairytale and imagined the type of world she would inhabit. The end result was a series of costumes made from animal bones, skins, skulls, metals and other materials, all of which perfectly captured Maleficent’s beautiful yet dark and powerful personality.

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Did you collaborate with any designers on the project? One of my favorite collaborations was with Sandy Powell. Together, we worked on creating some stunning costumes for the film, including metal pieces for a cape worn by Angelina.

Were there any challenges you faced while designing the costumes? The most daunting design challenge was creating a full bodysuit for Angelina’s final battle scene. After designing the costume, I had to ensure that she could move, jump, and fight comfortably in it. It took many trials and errors to perfect the design, including testing the mobility, weight, and balance of different samples.


Which design did you enjoy creating the most or find the most memorable in the film?

I absolutely loved creating a collar piece that featured feathered shoulders attached to a delicate bone spine. I used hand-dyed layers of duck feathers in varying shades of gray, dusty blue, and green to achieve an organic feel. To create the spine, I used a metal base covered in leather. The silhouette of this design is both feminine and powerful, making it my favorite creation.

How involved was Angelina Jolie in selecting her wardrobe for the film?

Angelina Jolie had a significant role in deciding her wardrobe for the film. She provided valuable input throughout the creative process, starting from the initial concepts all the way to the final looks. Her ideas were crucial in helping me design pieces that truly embodied the character of Maleficent.

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