“Unleashing the Sultry: Miley Cyrus’ 14 Provocative Stances in ’23’ Music Video”

Miley Cyrus has recently released a new music video for the rap song “23”. The video features Miley wearing a Michael Jordan jersey, which some deem to be the sexiest jersey ever seen. In the video, she can be seen grinding up against bathroom windows, basketball hoops and locker rooms. If you’re curious and want to take a peek, we’ve rounded up 14 sexy stills from the video that might change the way you look at high school or basketball forever.

The setting of the video is in a school, and Miley is often seen hanging out in the restroom. The video starts off with a shot of her smoking a cigarette.

Shortly after, Miley can be seen twerking with her female companions in the restroom while sticking out her iconic tongue. Additionally, her Miley varsity jacket complements the ensemble perfectly.

Next, Miley settles into a comfortable position on the windowsill in the bathroom and begins to move her body in a grinding motion, like so…

As she’s twirling her locks in this way, we have Miley Cyrus.

Let’s try striking some poses like this, just like Miley Cyrus.

Afterwards, Miley headed to the locker room, where she swapped her attire and donned a pair of shades to shield her eyes from the bright and sunny atmosphere.

It is quite evident that Miley is the center of attention at her school’s pep rally held in the gymnasium. Personally, I cannot relate to this as my cheerleading squad in high school was far from this glamorous.

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