Travis Kelce Shares His Romantic Tale with Taylor Swift in Detail

Football player Travis Kelce recently opened up in an interview with WSJ Magazine about his brief and romantic fling with pop star Taylor Swift. He revealed that he had tried his best to catch Swift’s attention during one of her performances at Arrowhead stadium, but unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful. Instead, he was only able to express his feelings for her through a mutual friend. Kelce also shared that Swift was the only person who had ever caused him to change the release date of his album.

Travis Kelce se siente en “la cima del mundo” con Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce shared how his relationship with Taylor Swift began, saying that someone she knew asked about him and he had a friend play the role of Cupid. The football player flew to Argentina to watch her perform, which moved the pop star so much that she was willing to change the lyrics of her song for him, something she had never done before for any of her previous boyfriends. Sources confirm that their relationship, which started off quickly, has become serious, with the couple making time for each other despite their busy schedules. They even planned for their families to meet, but had to cancel due to Taylor’s touring schedule in Brazil. Fans are excited and hopeful for a happy ending to this romance.

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