Throwback Alert: Britney Spears and Taylor Swift’s Backstage Moment in 2003

Over the weekend, Britney Spears caused a stir on Instagram when she revealed that she was an original fan of Taylor Swift. The pop star shared a throwback photo from 2003 featuring herself and a young Taylor backstage. While Britney was already a global sensation at the time, Taylor was a 14-year-old up-and-coming singer. It would be three more years before Taylor hit it big with her single “Tim McGraw” and began her journey to billionaire status. In her caption, Britney shared that 20 years ago, a teenage Taylor approached her through a third party and sang for her, leaving the older singer amazed.

Wow: Britney Spears revealed she was the original Swiftie in a jaw-dropping Instagram post she uploaded this Saturday

A while back, something pretty awesome happened to me. During my Oops Tour, a knock came at my door. It was my friend who was working as my boss’s assistant, trying to become a manager. He told me that a girl named Taylor wanted to sing for me. I eagerly welcomed her in and watched as she strummed her guitar and sang a beautiful song. I was blown away by her talent! We even snapped a picture together. Fast forward to today, and that same girl has become one of the most successful pop stars of our generation. I have to admit, I have a bit of a girl crush on her. She’s so talented and beautiful! In fact, I often choose to watch her music videos over movies. The iconic photo of us together at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008 was shown, but we actually took the first picture backstage in 2003. By that point, Taylor was already famous for her hit songs like “You Belong With Me.” Now, she’s on her world tour, Eras, which has been a massive financial success and has helped her become a billionaire.

Dynamic duo: Her anecdote was accompanied by the original backstage picture from 2003, plus a famous snap of her and Taylor at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards (pictured)

Details: By that point, Taylor had already rocketed to fame and released her first two studio albums, encompassing such classic songs as You Belong With Me

Globetrotter: Taylor is currently in Buenos Aires while thundering around the world with her barnstorming Eras Tour; she is pictured playing the Argentine capital on Thursday

Meanwhile: Britney has just released a bestselling memoir called The Woman In Me, launching barbs at such targets as her ex Justin Timberlake and her family

Britney recently published a best-selling memoir called The Woman In Me, where she pokes fun at her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and her family. After her conservatorship ended in 2021, Britney expressed anger towards her mother and referred to her as the “mastermind” behind the plan. In her book, Britney accuses Lynne of helping to dispose of her dolls, and Lynne responded on Instagram, denying the claim and expressing her love and willingness to return Britney’s belongings. However, in a recent note added to a Taylor Swift post, Britney rejected her mother’s offer and stated that she doesn’t care anymore.

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