The Adorable Transformation of Four Outdoor Kittens Who Were Once Untouchable

A group of four feral kittens, initially resistant to human touch due to their outdoor lifestyle, had an adorable change of heart.

shy kittens cuddles

Four adorable kittens named Pumpkin, Spice, Boo, and Casper recently found themselves at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital ER. These little furballs were discovered living outdoors without their mother, and at just five weeks old, they were understandably frightened of humans. The kittens hissed and spat, trying to keep their distance and hide from the unfamiliar people around them. Fortunately, the Yolo County SPCA stepped in to offer assistance. A kind foster volunteer named Angela took the kittens under her wing, providing them with a safe and cozy home where they could feel loved and cared for.

kittens shy carrier

The kittens were discovered outdoors without a mother, so Angela took them in and placed them in a calm, tranquil area to allow them to destress. As soon as they left the carrier, they were unnerved with their hair standing on end and ears flattened against their heads. Upon locating a spot to take refuge in, they clung to each other for comfort while gazing at their foster mother with wide eyes.

hissy shy kittens

Upon their arrival in foster care, the felines were terrified. Angela noticed that whenever she made a slight move towards them, they would make warning hisses as if signaling an alarm. She speculated that the cats had not been exposed to human interaction before as they would often try to conceal themselves behind the litter box and react negatively whenever someone tried to approach them. Angela recounted these observations during her interview with Love Meow.

hissing tabby kitten

The felines were in a bad mood, hissing and spitting at anyone who dared to touch them. However, Angela had a brilliant idea to win them over – she offered them some tasty cat treats. Pumpkin, an uncooperative tabby, hesitantly tried one and ended up wanting more. The food was so delicious that her eyes lit up with pleasure and her anxiety dissipated.

shy kittens trying treats

After providing the kittens with delicious treats, Angela witnessed a significant transformation in their behavior. The timid felines, Boo, Spice and Casper, gradually gained confidence and approached Angela to get a share of their favorite delights. This small act of kindness helped the kittens realize that humans are not so scary after all. According to Angela, the kittens went from hissing at her to meowing with joy whenever she entered the room.

kittens huddled up

As they chowed down on their treats, the tension in the room began to dissipate and the cats visibly relaxed. Angela smiled as she recounted how Casper, the gray kitten, would instantly start purring at the mere sight of her. It seemed that with Casper and Boo taking the lead, Spice and Pumpkin started to come out of their shells too. They became more comfortable seeking affection and exploring their new environment, their adventurous side finally emerging as they settled into their cozy indoor life.

happy purring kittens

The kittens began to relish the sensation of being stroked and uncovered their impressive purring abilities. According to Angela, Spice required the most time to become accustomed to her presence. Initially, Spice was noticeably fearful and expressed this through spitting and hissing. Through the aid of games and nourishment, Spice gradually began to feel more secure. It was a rewarding moment when Spice purred for the first time, and she has been a darling kitten ever since.

sweet kittens want attention

Within a short span of two weeks, these four adorable creatures have undergone a remarkable transformation under the loving care of their foster mother, Angela. Now they eagerly seek her attention and affection, and joyfully play around in their playpen without a worry in the world. Their playful antics often demand treats and cuddles from their favorite human companions!

vocal kittens demanding

Angela’s kittens are not afraid to express themselves. Among them, Angela Boo stands out as the most enthusiastic baker of biscuits – a feline behavior that involves kneading with their paws in a rhythmic motion. As she performs this activity, she emits a soothing purr and often half-closes her eyes, providing comfort not only to herself but also to those nearby.

cute kitten kneading

Angela has witnessed Boo’s amazing skills in baking biscuits. The kittens, who were once scared, have now transformed into a group that exudes love, self-assurance, and happiness. They warmly welcome their foster mother with loving headbutts and their space has become a tranquil haven filled with contented purring sounds.

happy smiley kitten

Angela shared that when she gives attention to one kitten, the rest of them will gather around her, meowing and begging for some love as well.

sweet kitten lap cat

Hey there! Do you love adorable kittens as much as we do? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Our friend Angela has been fostering four absolutely precious kittens, and their journey is documented on Instagram under the username @fosteringlove.pdx. If you’re a cat lover, you won’t want to miss out on seeing these cuties grow and thrive under Angela’s loving care. And if you’re looking for even more furry friends to follow, be sure to check out the Yolo County SPCA’s Instagram page (@yolo_spca). Happy scrolling!

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