“Sunny Style: Angelina Jolie Shines in Vibrant Yellow Dress at Asian World Film Festival Amid Rumors of Romance with British Philanthropist”

Angelina Jolie, who is known for dressing in black, opted for a vibrant yellow dress while accepting the Rising Star Award on behalf of Sreymoch Sareum, star of First They Killed My Father, at the Asian World Film Festival in Culver City, California. Recently, rumors have circulated that Jolie is romantically involved with a British philanthropist.

Angelina Jolie, who is usually seen in black attire, opted for a stunning yellow dress at the recent Asian World Film Festival and it definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Angie, a mother of six, received the esteemed Rising Star Award at the festival on behalf of Sreymoch Sareum, the star of First They Killed My Father. She was accompanied by Loung Ung, and the two were spotted together at the event. Angie’s attire was stunning; she wore a knee-length gown that accentuated her slim figure with a belt cinched at the waist. The dress featured ruffles at the hemline and long sleeves, giving it a feminine touch.

Aidan Sherniyazova gifted a Snow Leopard to the gracious Jolie, who was attending a pre-screening reception of her movie First They Killed My Father in Culver City. The actress looked stunning with her side-swept long brown hair, red lips, and black eyeliner. Alongside this, Jolie also met some children who gave her stuffed toys. Sareum played Loung Ung’s character in the Netflix film, which was directed by Angelina and co-written by Loung. The duo will be honored at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday.

The photo shows Ung hanging out with her friends, including Georges Chamchoum, Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, and Asel Sherniyazova of AWFF. This news comes at the same time as reports from InTouch claiming that the actress is in a committed relationship with a wealthy British businessman who is in his 40s. While the man’s identity remains unknown, it is said that they have been involved romantically since the beginning of this year.

Is Angelina Jolie dating a new man? Recent reports suggest that the ex of Brad Pitt is involved with a British philanthropist, although she has not been seen with a new partner yet. Sources claim that their relationship is a secret and that Jolie is keeping her new beau hidden from the public eye. There are even rumors that Jolie may marry this mystery man after finalizing her divorce from Pitt, although it is unclear how close they are to ending their marriage. Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 after an alleged incident on a flight. The couple shares six children together, and Brad has reportedly been trying to fast track the divorce so that he can move on with his life after getting sober and undergoing therapy.

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