Sun-kissed and Sexy: Justin Bieber Flaunts his Chiseled Physique as he Takes a Refreshing Plunge in the Luxurious Versace Mansion Pool during his Miami Getaway

Show off what you’ve got, they say.
And Justin Bieber definitely didn’t hold back when he decided to go for a swim during his luxurious stay at the famous Versace Mansion in Miami on Wednesday.
The beloved young heartthrob made his fans’ pulses race a little faster as he refreshed himself in the stunning aquamarine waters.
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Pecs appeal: Justin Bieber certainly wasn't shy when he took a dip in the Versace mansion pool in Miami on Wednesday

Justin Bieber, the 21-year-old singer, showed off his impressive physique as he confidently emerged from the pool at the luxurious Versace mansion in Miami. The sight of his muscular chest and defined abs, glistening with water droplets, undoubtedly left the girls swooning. Since his arrival in Miami on Monday, Justin has been enjoying his stay at the extravagant property. Stay updated with Justin Bieber’s visit to the Versace mansion by checking out the latest news and pictures.

Crown jewels: He made sure everything was as it should be as he climbed out of the water

Regal treasures: With utmost care, he ensured perfection upon emerging from the shimmering waters.

Taking it easy: The vocalist flaunted his toned midsection while gracefully stepping onto the pool’s edge.

Ad break? Justin seemed to be practicing for a role in his next Calvin Klein ad

Commercial break? It appeared as if Justin was rehearsing for a part in his upcoming Calvin Klein advertisement.

Cool water: The star showed off his toned torso as he took the plunge 

Diving into refreshing water, the celebrity flaunted his well-defined physique, setting the stage for a potential Calvin Klein advertisement. Concealing beneath his Solid & Striped swim shorts, he sported a pair of the famous underwear brand’s pants. Perhaps overwhelmed by the scorching Miami heat, he urgently sought solace in the cool waters. As he emerged from the pool, his assortment of striking tattoos added a remarkable contrast against his striped swimwear.

Hot stuff: Maybe the Miami heat was just too much for him and he had to get into the water right away

Scorching experience: Perhaps the unbearable Miami heat drove him to seek immediate solace in the inviting waters

Cocktail time: the star took a moment to have an alcoholic beverage

Happy hour: the celebrity took a well-deserved break to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic drink.

Are you checking me out? The singer of “Where Are You Now” playfully goofed off in front of the camera.

Drink and swim: The Baby crooner then enjoyed what looked like a pina colada

Having a good time in the water, the singer known as The Baby was seen relishing in a tropical drink that resembled a pina colada. Ensuring he made the most of his beach visit, The Baby was spotted sipping on a pina colada while standing in the shallow waters. It seems like Justin is in good company with his choice of hotel, as Kylie Jenner also opted to stay at the luxurious Versace Mansion during her recent visit to the city for Art Basel.

Holiday time: The singer made sure he made the most of his surroundings

Vacation bliss: The crooner ensured that he fully embraced the beauty of his surroundings.

Waited on hand and foot: There was someone there to attend to his every need

Receiving royal treatment: He had a dedicated assistant catering to his every requirement.

Water baby: He certainly looked at home in the pool

Aquatic enthusiast: He appeared right at ease in the swimming pool

All on my own: He had it all to himself

Flying solo: He was in complete possession of everything

Time for the towel: The celebrity sported a hat as he headed towards his room. Prior to this, Justin was seen departing from the Versace Mansion in his Lamborghini to grab a late lunch at the high-end steakhouse, Prime 112. The young music sensation seemed to be almost wearing boots that reached his thighs, but in reality, it was a clever combination of layered T-shirts, white harem pants, and matching sneakers. With his hair expertly bleached and grown out, the three-time Grammy nominee donned an orange baseball cap to cover it up, while his eyes were protected by mirrored aviators.

Hey girl: Earlier the singer was spotted leaving the Versace Mansion in his Lamborghini for a late lunch the upscale steakhouse, Prime 112

Hello there: Earlier, the famous singer was seen leaving the luxurious Versace Mansion in his Lamborghini to have a late lunch at the high-end steakhouse, Prime 112. Justin made his way through South Beach accompanied by his usual large entourage, and he had two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari with him. This tattooed millennial had previously faced some trouble while driving in the Florida city, and he hinted at this incident on Instagram. On Tuesday, he reassured his massive social media following of 192.3M that he would drive safely and avoid any mishaps. Moving on to his outfit, it almost seemed like an optical illusion as the 21-year-old pop star appeared to be wearing thigh-high white boots. However, he was actually dressed in layered T-shirts, white harem pants, and matching trainers. If you want more updates on Justin Bieber, including news, pictures, and videos, feel free to check out the latest happenings.

Incognito: The three-time Grammy nominee covered his overgrown bleached hairdo with an orange baseball cap and shielded his eyes with mirrored aviators

Undercover: The talented artist, who has been recognized for his music with three Grammy nominations, concealed his unruly, dyed hair beneath a vibrant orange baseball cap and kept his gaze hidden behind stylish mirrored sunglasses.

High roller: Justin rolled through South Beach with a typically large entourage as well as two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari

Big spender: Justin cruised down South Beach in his usual extravagant style, accompanied by a sizable group and driving not one, but two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari.

Vroom! The tattoo-sleeved millennial once got into a lot of trouble driving around the Florida city, and he alluded to the incident on Instagram

Zoom! The tattoo-covered young adult used to be in quite a pickle while cruising through the sunny city of Florida, and he hinted at the incident on his Instagram account. A little over a year ago in the vibrant Miami Beach, Bieber found himself spending a night in jail following his arrest for DUI, resisting arrest, drag racing, and driving with an expired license. Law enforcement officials revealed to TMZ that Justin had made admissions regarding his consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication. Justin’s upcoming agenda includes headlining the Power 96.1 Jingle Ball on December 17 at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, where he will be joined by Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, and Hailee Steinfeld.

He vowed to his combined 192.3M followers on social media Tuesday: 'I'm gonna drive safe don't worry! Not again!!'

On Tuesday, he made a promise to his massive following of 192.3 million users on social media, reassuring them with a lighthearted tone, “Rest assured, I will make sure to practice safe driving this time! No more accidents, I promise!”

Busted! A little over a year ago in Miami Beach, Bieber spent a night in jail after being arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, drag racing, and driving with an expired license (pictured in 2014)

Caught in the act! In Miami Beach about a year ago, Justin Bieber found himself behind bars following his arrest for driving under the influence, refusing to cooperate with authorities, participating in a drag race, and operating a vehicle with an expired license (captured in a snapshot from 2014).

Next gig: The What Do You Mean will next headline the Power 96.1 Jingle Ball happening December 17 at Atlanta's Philips Arena alongside Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, and Hailee Steinfeld (pictured Monday)

Upcoming performance: The What Do You Mean is all set to take the stage as the main act at the highly anticipated Power 96.1 Jingle Ball on December 17th. The exciting event will be held at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, where they will be joined by fellow artists Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, and Hailee Steinfeld (seen together in a picture on Monday).

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