“Scarlett Johansson’s Take on Parenthood, Superhero Fitness Regimes, and Launching a Simplistic Beauty Line”

Scarlett Johansson on Motherhood, Superhero Workouts, and Her New  Minimalist Beauty Brand | Vanity Fair

Although spring is still weeks away, there are small indications of rejuvenation that keep appearing. People are wearing clothes in soft pastel shades and getting fresh haircuts, while offices are gradually returning to normalcy. Scarlett Johansson, the star of Marvel movies and independent films such as Lost in Translation and Her, is seen in a Zoom window from her Manhattan headquarters, smiling in a salmon-colored sweater and crisp blond bob. Her new skincare brand, The Outset, offers six minimalist products that do not give away her celebrity status. Instead, they bear logos indicating cruelty-free formulas, a carbon-neutral facility, and cartons made using wind energy. The design is characterized by Scandinavian simplicity, with frosted-glass jars and cornflower blue type.
Johansson says that the idea for The Outset hinges on a sense of renewal and optimism, which is a fitting conclusion for a project that began during two difficult years. She credits cofounder and CEO Kate Foster with providing a spark of genius that led to the brand’s creation. The first time they met was just before the pandemic, and since then, they have faced a number of challenges in establishing their business. Nonetheless, the upheavals of the past year created opportunities for them to work together and make progress.
One of the key ingredients in The Outset’s products is Hyaluroset, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid that provides increased moisture to the skin. It utilizes Cassia angustifolia, an Indian plant with skin-healing properties. The product line currently includes five items, with a lip treatment slated for release soon.

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The Outset brand aims to revolutionize the skincare industry with its inclusive and sustainable vision. The brand’s philosophy revolves around creating a clean slate with its products, featuring well-thought-out ingredients that cater to all skin types. The range includes a micellar gel for gentle cleansing, a firming serum, and a squalane-boosted moisturizer, with two specialized treatments for lips and eyes. Sustainability is central to the brand’s values, and it’s essential to create a product that doesn’t contribute to environmental problems. Actress Scarlett Johansson is passionate about building a community, and her previous beauty ambassador roles inspired her to create something of her own. Her journey towards skincare started when she faced teenage hormonal acne, which made her feel terrible. She learned the importance of taking care of her skin, and this became her pillar of self-confidence.

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During the 90s, I had the opportunity to experiment with my style and beauty choices while growing up in the city, as I had breaks from auditions when filming movies. I would hang out with friends and even got piercings and wore blue lipstick, and although I tweezed my friends’ eyebrows, they loved it at the time. It’s interesting to see today’s resurgence of Y2K makeup, hair, and fashion, but experimenting with self-discovery and self-expression is an essential part of being a teenager.

Early on, I was inspired by Judy Garland’s emotional performances and vulnerability onscreen, as well as Winona Ryder’s openness and vulnerability, both in her acting and off-screen style.

After representing beauty brands as an ambassador for years, I decided to create my own brand, The Outset, that reflects my personal beauty standards and values. My goal is to build a community around the brand that goes beyond my name recognition and focuses on the quality of the products.

I’ve had many “outset” moments in my personal and professional life, such as becoming a mother and rediscovering myself when my daughter grew more independent. I also had to create my own opportunities to stretch myself as an actor and commit to meaningful projects that push me emotionally.

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