“Scarlett Johansson reveals her dislike for the nickname ‘ScarJo’ in an interview with Glamour Magazine”


Scarlett Johansson, the lead actress of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, recently expressed her dislike for the nickname “ScarJo”. She believes that the name sounds tacky and is commonly used for pop stars. Additionally, she finds it lazy and flippant, with a hint of violence and insult attached to it. Scarlett revealed her thoughts on the nickname during her interview with Vanity Fair, where she graced the cover of their latest issue.


Scarlett reflects on how living in Paris has influenced her fashion choices. She notes that in Paris, there is a sense of being constantly watched and judged for your appearance, unlike in New York where street style tends to be more practical. In Paris, comfort takes a backseat to style, and Scarlett admits to hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes just to look good. However, she and her friends have recently embraced the trend of athletic streetwear as a way to balance comfort and style.

Switching gears to her work on the Avengers and Winter Soldier films, Scarlett talks about the physical demands of filming fight scenes. While Avengers relied more on special effects and stunts, Winter Soldier required more hand-to-hand combat that left her with unexpected injuries. Despite this, Scarlett is happy to have found a career in the superhero genre, even if it means facing unexpected challenges.

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