Scarlett Johansson Opens a Popcorn Shop in Paris with a Big Smile

Scarlett Johansson’s long-awaited dream was finally fulfilled when she opened the soft launch of her popcorn store, Yummy Pop, in Paris, France on Saturday. The actress couldn’t contain her excitement as she happily served the eager patrons who had lined up for the much-anticipated debut.

Scarlett Johansson's French Popcorn Shop Yummy Pop Review

Ecstatic: Scarlett Johansson was radiating happiness as she distributed popcorn during the exciting launch of Yummy Pop, the popcorn emporium that she co-owns with her partner Romain Dauriac, in the charming city of Paris, France last weekend.

Scarlett, the popular actress known for her role in The Avengers, was spotted getting down and dirty by helping scoop popcorn during the soft opening of their shop. Along with her fans, she was eager to participate in this fun activity. She looked stylish in a navy blue and white striped T-shirt, with a Yummy Pop apron tied around it. Her blonde hair was styled straight, brushed back from her face, and her makeup was minimal with only light pink lipstick. It’s worth mentioning that her husband, Romain Dauriac, is also her business partner in this venture.

Scarlett was beaming with joy as she held onto her cute and playful Yummy Pop bag decorated with vibrant shades of red, white, and blue. She was eagerly anticipating the moment when she could savor the scrumptious popcorn delicacies to her heart’s content.

Scarlett Johansson celebrates opening popcorn shop in Paris | Daily Mail  Online

During the event, a group of people were captured in a photo looking cheerful and at ease. In the picture, Scarlett was standing next to her spouse Romain, while Victoria was on the opposite side. It was evident that the opening was a delightful and enjoyable occasion for all those present.

Overjoyed: The beautiful blonde was beaming with happiness when she was given a bunch of corn. On the other hand, her companion opted for a black and white striped outfit and matched it with black jeans for the launch event. A lot of consumers eagerly lined up outside the recently opened popcorn store in the Marais district of Paris last weekend. Scarlett and Romain shared their goals of expanding to other areas if their venture becomes successful.

Scarlett was beaming with joy as she celebrated the launch of the store. Her smile was so wide that it was impossible to hide her excitement.

The woman, who is a mother, was all smiles as she posed for a photo with a fan at the store’s initial opening, showing her friendly and approachable nature towards her audience.

Scarlett is eager to jump into the world of entrepreneurship and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to serve customers with her mouth-watering gourmet popcorn. For years, she has harbored a desire, which she shared with her family, to bring their favorite American snack to Paris, the famous city of Europe. Her passion for food and love for snacking led her to create Yummy Pop, a project close to her heart. Scarlett envisions Yummy Pop becoming an integral part of Parisian life, representing the connection between the City of Lights and her beloved New York. She plans to personally serve her customers and highly recommends trying the truffle, Parmesan, and sage flavor, which happens to be her personal favorite.

Oh my, the line is quite long! It appears that there will be a significant amount of time spent waiting to get inside Scarlett’s charming shop.

Looks like Romain and Scarlett’s business got off to a good start! Based on the positive feedback they received during their opening day, they might be thinking about broadening their horizons and growing their venture.

Oh my goodness, Yummy Pop is all the rage! It’s drawing in a massive crowd of popcorn lovers who are eager to see the celebrity behind the delicious treats. The shop prides itself on preparing their popcorn fresh on site, using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. And let me tell you, their flavors are seriously drool-worthy, like authentic Vermont cheddar. To come up with these delectable options, the star and her husband teamed up with renowned chef Will Horowitz. Some of the other mouth-watering flavors include sea salt and olive oil, authentic Vermont maple, strawberries and cream, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

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