“Rookie Basketball Player Victor Wembanyama Earns Over $55 Million in Contract, Outshining Stephen Curry’s MVP Deal by 125%”

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Pocketing a ‘Nifty’ $55,174,766, Victor Wembanyama’s Rookie Deal Overshadows Stephen Curry’s 2x MVP Contract by 125 Percent

It was no surprise when Victor Wembanyama was selected as the #1 pick of the 2023 Draft, making him the recipient of a lucrative contract worth $55,174,766 over four years. This deal is even bigger than Stephen Curry’s contract during his MVP years. While Curry’s initial deal with the Golden State Warriors was team-friendly due to injury concerns, he went on to win two MVPs and receive multiple All-NBA selections. Wembanyama, who has been highly touted as a prospect, is expected to have an instant impact on the San Antonio Spurs but has not yet proven himself. Nevertheless, his generational talent and potential justify his high salary. Curry himself has since signed several more lucrative contracts with the Warriors and remains under contract until 2026. Curry was amazed by Wembanyama’s skills, dubbing him a “2K create-a-player.” Fans are eager to see Wembanyama in action in the upcoming season.

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