Miley Cyrus Breaks Fashion Barriers with Bold and Revealing Outfits on Television

Miley Cyrus has once again created controversy at the 2015 MTV VMAs as the host. In her previous appearance in 2013, she twerked with Robin Thicke. This time around, she managed to be even more outrageous by exposing her bare breast on national television, despite the live broadcast being on a delay for censoring purposes.

Managing to evade the censors, Miley Cyrus caused quite a stir during the MTV VMAs on Sunday night. Despite the live broadcast being delayed and monitored for inappropriate language and behavior, she still found a way to expose her bare breast on national television. This occurred while she was backstage changing before her final performance of the evening. Though it was only for a brief moment, Miley’s wardrobe malfunction was caught on camera. She even acknowledged it herself, muttering “Sorry, my tit’s out” through her headset. As if that wasn’t enough, the Wrecking Ball singer engaged in an on-air argument with Nicki Minaj, adding to the drama of the event.

The feeling of triumph was extra special for the performer who marked her drug-themed concert by enjoying a cannabis cigarette in the backstage area. It was truly a moment of euphoria for the singer.

After her triumphant night at the VMAs, Miley appeared calm and collected as she blew kisses to fans.

Guess who’s back? Miley Cyrus came back with a bang on Sunday evening, taking the reigns as the host of the MTV VMAs.

Going all out: Miley made sure to bring her provocative side to the forefront during the last live show of the evening.

During her acceptance speech for Best Hip-Hop video, Nicki Minaj took a moment to call out the event emcee for some remarks she had made earlier. As she accepted her award, the rapper publicly addressed Miley Cyrus and said, ‘And now back to this woman who had a lot to say about me in the press. What’s good?’ In response, Cyrus defended herself by stating that they were all aware of how the media twists things. Nonetheless, she congratulated Minaj on her achievement. At one point during her speech, Minaj even encouraged the audience to stick their tongues out, demonstrating her playful and provocative personality.

Conflict arose when the artist known for her hit song “Wrecking Ball” engaged in a heated exchange of words with Nicki Minaj while both were being televised.

How can one surpass their own achievements? Miley Cyrus went to great lengths in terms of fashion, clearly attempting to exceed her previous show appearances.

Miley added a groovy touch to the show’s entrance, but things soon got heated between her and Nicki. Even though her mic was cut off, Nicki could be seen shouting at Miley. Miley responded by reminding Nicki that she had dealt with setbacks in the past. The argument stemmed from an interview Miley gave to the New York Times, where she criticized Nicki for being selfish during her Twitter feud with Taylor Swift. The feud started when Nicki expressed her frustration over not being nominated in more categories at the VMAs, which prompted a response from Taylor. However, the two singers reconciled by performing together at the VMAs. It seems like Miley and Nicki still need to work out their issues.

Breaking boundaries: The daredevil raised the bar for revealing attire displayed on television.

Hey there, are you ready for a fun fashion show? Check out this unique costume featuring two big eyes as a bra and lips as the bottom piece. It’s definitely an eye-catching outfit that will turn heads and make a statement. Who knew that body parts could double as clothing?

Miley Cyrus seemed to play a part in the background visuals with her consistent display of vibrant and trippy patterns. Earlier in the event, she shared the stage with Rita Ora and a group of actors dressed in costumes. Miley encouraged everyone to chant “marijuana!” before capturing the moment with a selfie stick. She even jokingly taunted Ellen DeGeneres, claiming her selfie wasn’t as impressive as hers, which featured Ora and Kim Kardashian. However, it’s worth noting that Ellen’s iconic photo at the Oscars included Hollywood A-listers like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

The situation was quite shocking: The popular singer was barely covering herself up with a balloon-made attire.

Miley Cyrus gathered a group of friends, including Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian, on stage during a performance. With a selfie stick in hand, she urged everyone to say “marijuana” before clicking a picture. The group was joined by some performers in costumes to add to the fun atmosphere.

Sitting back and relaxing: While Kim was busy snapping selfies with Miley, Kanye West was spotted chilling in the back.

Miley Cyrus made an effort to top Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscars selfie, and while it may not have been a complete flop, her performance was not entirely successful. The pop star did not waste any time making a drug reference during the initial minutes of the show, despite it being a family-friendly program. From that point forward, Miley continued to bring up smoking or consuming marijuana every chance she got. In a particular sketch, she and Tyga indulged in marijuana cookies during a slumber party at Billy Ray Cyrus’s house.

Miley is keeping the anticipation high by teasing her followers with a sneak peek of one of her revealing outfits on Instagram. This comes after she had already shared a bold move of posting a full nude selfie earlier in the day.

“I indulge in smoking weed,” boasted the celebrity about her marijuana consumption.

Miley made a bold move by flashing her bodysuit to Justin and telling him to call her when he’s of legal age. She was also seen getting high with Snoop Dog, who claimed that the brownie was made by her grandmother. After the show, Miley celebrated by smoking a joint backstage. Despite her wild behavior, Miley took a moment to reflect on her past at the awards show in her opening monologue, jokingly stating that they will likely return to not having a host after tonight.

Being elusive: The individual who identified themselves as a hippie, wore high-heeled platform shoes and teased Justin Bieber with their flirty behavior.

Wow, she’s really bold! This singer is definitely comfortable in her own skin.

Behind the scenes, Miley had a number of outfit changes during the event. She made a candid confession about her lack of qualifications to host the VMAs. She joked that perhaps MTV chose her to host because they didn’t want her to perform. Meanwhile, Kanye West stunned the crowd with his announcement that he plans to run for president in 2020. After his lengthy speech where he shared that he smoked marijuana to calm his nerves before taking the stage, Miley returned to her role as host.

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