“Meeting Shakira in Paris: Cardi B’s Marvelous Experience and Admiration for the Latin Pop Icon”

Cardi B is overjoyed after her encounter with Shakira, which marked their first-ever meeting. The rapper is currently relishing her time in Paris, where she has been attending various fashion events, showcasing her stunning appearance and mingling with some of the most popular celebrities and Hollywood icons. On a recent occasion at the Fendi Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show, Cardi had the pleasure of sitting alongside Shakira and Camila Cabello.

Cardi and Shakira had a heartwarming moment after their show, where they took selfies together and Cardi praised Shakira for her success. The rapper expressed her happiness for the singer’s music and her story. During an Instagram Live, Cardi shared her thoughts about meeting Shakira and even sang along to her favorite songs from the star, including ‘Monotonia’ and ‘Te Felicito.’ She admitted to knowing all of her songs and gushed about how amazing Shakira is. Cardi was grateful for meeting the singer and called it a great moment. Fans of both artists were thrilled by their interaction and expressed their desire for them to collaborate on new music.

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There have been conflicting reports about Kim Kardashian’s thoughts on the scandal. According to Closer magazine, Kim sees Bianca as being molded into Kanye’s ideal woman and is reminded of how he was with her. However, another source has contradicted these claims, stating that Kim has no interest in speaking to Bianca. The insider says that Kim believes in letting people find their own way in life and would never warn someone. Stay connected with your culture by signing up for our newsletter, which delivers the latest news on celebrities, royals, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle straight to your inbox.

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