Meet Potato, the adorable earless feline who captured hearts on social media through its inspiring rescue tale

Pictures of potato the adorable earless cat

Introducing Potato, a feline that was saved from the streets of China and underwent surgery to remove his ears due to persistent tumours. Potato and his pal, Horlick, were both strays before they were rescued by Carl Leong and his wife. Horlick was adopted first, while Potato still had his ears, but later, the shelter discovered ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and flaps. The couple then became his foster parents. Unfortunately, Potato’s previous owner, an elderly woman from Hong Kong, passed away in 2016, leaving him and other street cats to fend for themselves. However, Potato now lives a comfortable life at home with his loving foster family despite his difficult start.

Potato the adorable earless cat

Do you see any dissimilarities in the images? The feline in the photograph is afflicted with a medical condition known as ceruminous adenoma, which is characterized by the growth of tumors within the ear. This ailment can cause pain, tinnitus, and even hearing loss if not treated promptly. The fortunate feline underwent a three-hour surgery to remove the ears, enabling it to retain its hearing. Unfortunately, the tumor reemerged more severely than before in November 2019. Following consultation with the veterinarian, it was decided that the best course of action would be to extract the ear flaps and canals to prevent further discomfort. The decision to proceed with the surgery was made due to the cat’s frequent ear scratching, external injuries, and bleeding, as well as inflammation in its ear canals. Although the tumor was benign, the surgery was performed to relieve the cat’s suffering. The operation was successful, and the cat, dubbed Potato, made a full recovery. After the surgery, he was officially adopted.

Potato the adorable earless cat

The post talks about a feline named Potato who had to undergo surgery as he was suffering from an ear infection. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and settled down in his new home. Potato and his brother are now social media sensations. Their Instagram account @no_ear_meow_potato has amassed a significant following of 17,500 with their charming photographs. Though Potato’s hearing abilities decreased following the operation, he is still lively and functioning regularly with no apparent adverse consequences. Despite having a tough exterior when he was living as a stray, Potato is a sweet cat who loves spending time playing and engaging with people.

Potato the adorable earless cat

At first, he was shy, but over time, he blossomed into a more lively and captivating personality, as reported by mediadrumimages/CarlLeong/@no_ea. He exudes a one-of-a-kind charm that radiates positivity on Instagram. Ultimately, social media should be a place of cheerfulness and delight. With his partner, they urge others to adopt pets instead of buying them, especially since his breed is the most common type of stray cat in Hong Kong.

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