“Love Beyond the Screen: How Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone Shared a Unique Connection in Their Romantic Lives”

Scarlett Johansson is set to host the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live” for the sixth time. The actress will have the chance to collaborate with her fiancé, Colin Jost, who happens to be a co-head writer for the show.

Scarlett Johansson vs Emma Stone : r/CelebBattles

It’s evident that humor is a common ground for the duo, and Scarlett Johansson is not the only one. The number of Hollywood starlets who have found romance with the hilarious men from “SNL” is so high that the show seems to be functioning more as a dating agency than a late-night program.

This month, Emma Stone, who won an Oscar, announced her engagement to Dave McCary, a writer and segment director for “SNL.” The two met when she hosted the show in December 2016. Meanwhile, “SNL” actor Pete Davidson and singer Ariana Grande began dating in May 2018 but eventually broke up. Despite Davidson’s self-deprecating humor about his appearance, he has gone on to date several beautiful and famous women, including actress Kate Beckinsale.

It’s no secret that humorous men have a knack for winning over exceptional women (case in point: the dynamic duos of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft).

The male comedians of “Saturday Night Live” have a reputation for dating women who are wealthier, more famous, and more powerful than they are. For instance, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were a couple in March 2019, but he was more famous and powerful than her. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Scarlett Johansson is worth $165 million, while her boyfriend Colin Jost’s net worth is only $6 million.

Last summer, Charlize Theron set an example of the changing trend in Hollywood when she portrayed a stunning and fiercely skilled secretary of state who falls for a funny reporter played by Seth Rogen in the movie “Long Shot.” The title may suggest an unlikely scenario, but the reality is that successful women are now often attracted to ordinary yet humorous men. According to Fortune, women in their early 20s are now earning more than their male counterparts, making it unnecessary for them to seek financial stability from men. After a long day at work, women do not want to be burdened with a serious-minded man like Don Draper. Instead, they prefer someone who can make them laugh and distract them from work-related stress.

Emma Stone vs Scarlett Johansson : r/CelebBattles

According to an Archives of Sexual Behavior study from 2007, humor was found to be the most desirable quality in a partner, according to 200,000 women surveyed. Additionally, a 2009 study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference revealed that women were more likely to consider men with humorous profiles as potential long-term partners.

The World Economic Forum has stated that humor is a hereditary trait that indicates mental fitness and intellectual agility to potential partners. Although humorous men tend to be intelligent, intelligent men do not always possess a sense of humor (as evidenced by Mark Zuckerberg). If you had to choose between a serious genius and a man who could make you laugh daily, the latter would likely lead to greater life satisfaction. Many agree with this sentiment, including actress Olivia Wilde, who praised her fiancé, former SNL star Jason Sudeikis, for his ability to make her laugh. According to Wilde, “Funny guys are always the best, and I think it works on all us girls.”

Having a good sense of humor in a relationship is crucial, particularly in today’s world. I can personally attest to this as I’ve been happily married to a writer for “The Late Show” for the past five years. His wit and humor were what initially won me over when we first met. Even when I tried to keep my guard up and told him I wasn’t interested in anything long-term, he responded with a joke, saying we’d get married for just two years. And as fate would have it, we did end up tying the knot two years later. The constant laughter and joy he brings into my life far outweigh any financial gain from a Wall Street bonus.

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