Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rock extraterrestrial-inspired fashion in elegant formal attire

Orlando Bloom showcased his nostalgic side by donning prosthetic ears in recent photos, reminiscent of his iconic Lord of the Rings character. The actor, accompanied by his fiancée Katy Perry, embraced a unique and visually striking look for a series of Instagram snapshots. Dressed in elegant attire, the couple, who recently celebrated their anniversary, added a whimsical touch with alien-inspired prosthetics adorning their faces and ears. Katy playfully described their appearance as “spaced out and starry eyed” in the photo caption, captivating her vast following of 206 million users.

Orlando Bloom went back to his roots as he wore prosthetic ears in new snaps on Sunday 20 years on from his breakthrough Lord of the Rings role


Orlando played the role of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings film series (seen)


In the snapsH๏τs, the longtime couple ¿ who celebrated their anniversary this month ¿ were dressed to the nines in formalwear

No additional context or explanation was provided for the reason behind their chosen appearances. Orlando portrayed the character of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings movie series. The California-born actor wore a captivating metallic gown in a champagne hue, featuring a corset-style bodice and pleated design. The ensemble included a side slit that allowed the singer to showcase one of her well-toned legs. To complete the look, she paired the gown with sparkling pointed-toe high heels that perfectly matched the color of her dress. Her lengthy and shiny black hair was parted down the middle and partially tied back. To achieve an otherworldly look, the artist covered her eyebrows entirely and adorned her forehead with horn-like accessories. Prosthetics were also utilized to give her ears a pointed tip, matching the appearance of her future spouse. Katy’s overall appearance was enhanced with exquisite makeup, including elongated lashes and shimmery shades of pink and purple. This unconventional upload has garnered over 555,000 likes from Perry’s devoted fan base.

The 39-year-old pop star and 46-year-old actor added unexpected elements in the form of artificial accents applied to their faces and ears


Engaging her 206 million followers, Katy wrote in the caption, 'spaced out and starry eyed'

The content featured photographs of her outfit from various perspectives, and her fans wasted no time in making connections to her popular song from 2010, E.T.
A fan account remarked, ‘E.T. 2.0 IS ON THE WAY,’ while another person concurred, saying, ‘I actually thought this was E.T 2.0, oh my!’
Someone else creatively incorporated song lyrics into their comment, stating, ‘It’s otherworldly, extraterrestrial,’ along with a music note emoji.
Expressing curiosity, another fan demanded, ‘What is the purpose of this?!’
And a devoted supporter added, ‘You’re an incredibly impressive queen.’

There was no added context or explanation for why they donned the looks


The California native wore a shimmery champagne-toned metallic gown that featured a corset bodice and accordion pleats

Katy recently expressed her happiness on their anniversary while her partner, Orlando, attended the Golden Globes. Although she could not attend the event, she made sure to share her admiration for him on a social media platform, X. Katy’s tribute read, “I can’t believe how incredibly handsome Orlando Bloom looks at the Golden Globes! Happy anniversary, my love.” The couple’s journey began at the 2016 Golden Globes afterparty, and they got engaged in 2019. While they are yet to tie the knot, they have a three-year-old daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom. Orlando is also a father to his 13-year-old son, Flynn, from his previous relationship with Miranda Kerr.

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