Justin Bieber’s Laid-Back Entrance to an LA Studio, Reflecting on the Nightly Pulse Check by His Security in Light of Drug Use

In his captivating docu-series Seasons, Justin Bieber generously invites fans to experience an intimate glimpse of his life in the relentless limelight. In a recent episode, the talented 25-year-old artist candidly disclosed the alarming effects of his past drug abuse, confessing how his security team would diligently enter his room at night to monitor his well-being by checking his pulse. Despite this unsettling revelation, the resilient singer was observed gracefully arriving at a Sound Studio in Los Angeles before embarking on an invigorating workout session with a close companion.

Running around: Justin Bieber was seen stepping out Tuesday morning after he revealed that due to his excessive drug use, his security 'would come into my room at night to check my pulse'

Justin Bieber was spotted out and about on Tuesday morning, showing off a relaxed and casual style. He sported a SpongeBob SquarePants hoodie, paired with shorts, sneakers, and a headband. Meanwhile, his wife Hailey Bieber was also seen in Santa Monica, picking up groceries from the popular Erewhon store. She carried two bags filled with items from the celebrity favorite. Hailey looked effortlessly stylish in a pink coat layered over a cream turtleneck, complemented by white cuffed trousers. In a recent episode of his show Seasons, Justin opened up about his past struggles with drug addiction, revealing that it had reached a point where his security would check his pulse at night due to his excessive drug use. This revelation served as a wake-up call for Justin, prompting him to make the decision to get sober and prioritize his health. Justin emphasized that his addictions were far more serious and life-threatening than many people may realize.

Busy guy: Following his studio session, Justin headed to a workout with a pal

Busy dude: After wrapping up his time in the studio, Justin made his way to a fitness session alongside a buddy.

Moving forward: 'I basically said to myself, 'God, if you are real, you get me through this season of stopping these pills and stuff, and if you do, I'll do the rest of the work.' I never did the actual work. I got off the pills but never went to the root of everything so I just circled back around which most people do;' seen Tuesday morning heading to his workout

Progressing onwards: ‘I sort of made a personal pact with myself, like, ‘Hey, if there’s a higher power out there, please guide me through this period of quitting these medications and such. And if you do, I promise to take responsibility for the rest of the journey.’ However, I never really fulfilled that promise. I managed to stop taking the pills, but I never delved into the underlying issues causing my struggles, so I ended up going around in circles, like many others do.’ This was observed on Tuesday morning as he was making his way to his exercise session.

Soon after, wife Hailey Bieber stepped out separately in Santa Monica

She grabbed two bags worth of groceries from celeb favorite Erewhon

Forever stylish: Shortly after, Hailey Bieber, the wife, embarked on her own outing in Santa Monica. She casually collected a generous amount of groceries from the renowned Erewhon, a celebrity hotspot.

He explained that his situation was extremely serious and frightening. Every morning, he would start his day by taking pills and smoking marijuana. It became uncontrollable and overwhelming. Hailey revealed that they didn’t get involved until he made the decision to become sober. Justin confessed that his drug use began at a young age of 13, shortly after gaining fame through YouTube. As his dependency on marijuana grew, he started drinking lean, taking pills, experimenting with Molly, and trying mushrooms. In his YouTube Premium documentary, Justin Bieber: Seasons, he admitted that these substances served as a way to escape from reality. As part of his recovery process, he now uses a hyperbaric chamber and receives IV infusions to eliminate toxins from his body. Additionally, he takes anti-depressants to aid in his daily functioning. In the episode, Justin also took the opportunity to explain the mechanics of the hyperbaric chamber while inside the deflated plastic contraption.

Support system: His wife Hailey, 23, said that they didn't get involved 'until he chose to get sober'

Assistance network: Hailey, his 23-year-old spouse, affirmed that they only stepped in when he made the conscious decision to embrace sobriety.

Candid: The pop star revealed that he uses a hyperbaric chamber and endures IV infusions to get rid of toxins after years of drug abuse

Original: The pop star revealed that he uses a hyperbaric chamber and endures IV infusions to get rid of toxins after years of drug abuse.
Paraphrased: The pop singer disclosed that he utilizes a hyperbaric chamber and undergoes IV infusions to eliminate toxins following a period of drug misuse.

Original: ‘It fills up with oxygen,’ he explained, adding; ‘I really have been struggling with a lot of anxiety. You get more oxygen to your brain so it decreases your stress levels. It’s pretty cool.’
Paraphrased: ‘It becomes filled with oxygen,’ he clarified, further stating, ‘I have genuinely been grappling with heightened anxiety. It leads to increased oxygen supply to the brain, thereby reducing stress levels. It’s quite fascinating.’

Original: Hailey admitted that the couple has various chambers available for Justin to use at their house and in the studio.
Paraphrased: Hailey confessed that they possess multiple chambers for Justin’s convenience, situated both at their residence and in the studio.

Original: ‘People are going to think he is a crazy person,’ she said. ‘People are going to be like “what is this contraption machine, that’s some rich people s**t.”‘
Paraphrased: ‘People will perceive him as eccentric,’ she commented. ‘They will likely wonder, “What is this device? It seems like something only wealthy individuals would possess.”‘

Original: ‘Mental health is so important to get on top of,’ Bieber said. ‘If you have ADHD if you have … something and you don’t want to take medicine, I strongly believe in it.’
Paraphrased: ‘Taking charge of one’s mental well-being is of utmost significance,’ declared Bieber. ‘For individuals dealing with ADHD or other conditions who prefer to avoid medication, I firmly support this approach.’

Original: Bieber heavily relies on the hyperbaric chamber, a treatment which encourages healing through pure oxygen in various air pressure levels.
Paraphrased: Bieber greatly depends on the hyperbaric chamber, a therapy that promotes recuperation using pure oxygen at different levels of air pressure.

Original: Hailey said she can understand why he would turn to drugs to make himself ‘feel better.’
Paraphrased: Hailey expressed empathy towards Justin’s inclination to resort to drugs in an attempt to improve his state of being.

Understanding: Hailey, 23, said she can understand why he would turn to drugs to make himself 'feel better'

Comprehension: Hailey, who is 23 years old, empathizes with Justin’s decision to turn to drugs as a means to cope with his anxiety. She believes that when someone is young and experiences intense, unexplained anxiety, they may resort to self-medicating to find relief and a sense of well-being. However, Justin has now adopted alternative methods to manage his anxiety, such as using an oxygen chamber at home and undergoing nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IV treatment to eliminate toxins from his body. Hailey further explained that NAD therapy is especially beneficial for individuals who have overcome drug addiction, as it helps repair the brain’s pleasure centers that may have been affected by substance abuse. It ultimately aids in restoring balance and overall well-being. Additionally, Justin recently disclosed that he has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and also experienced a case of mono earlier this year.

Strength: She said: 'I think when you take somebody very, very young and they get horrible, crazy crippling anxiety and it goes undiagnosed and you don't know what it is you are feeling, you start to self-medicate because it makes you feel better. Just helping not to feel anything'

Power: In her own words, she expressed, “In my opinion, if someone is exposed to intense and debilitating anxiety from a young age without understanding its nature, it becomes tempting to resort to self-medication as a means to find relief. It becomes a way to numb oneself and avoid experiencing any emotions altogether.”

Beaming: Hailey rocked white sneakers to complete her look

Radiant: Hailey sported a pair of pristine white kicks to perfect her ensemble.

Hailey styled her hair center parted

She opted for small framed sunglasses

How gorgeous: Hailey decided to style her hair with a center part, and she chose to wear trendy small-framed sunglasses.

Highly-anticipated: Meanwhile, Justin has teased that he has a 'big announcement' coming Wednesday

Much-awaited: In the meantime, Justin has playfully hinted at a forthcoming ‘exciting revelation’ scheduled for Wednesday.

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