JLo Opens Up About Pandemic Struggles and Daughter’s Emotional Outburst.

Despite living a luxurious lifestyle with access to mansions and all kinds of luxuries, Jennifer Lopez has been experiencing the same lockdown blues like any other person. In an interview with El Zol 107.9, a Spanish-language station in DC, the 51-year-old Hollywood superstar admitted that she had experienced depression during the pandemic. She acknowledged that it was a difficult period for everyone and that most people had their moments of fear and anxiety about what would happen next. The People’s Choice Award winner spoke candidly about how the pandemic had affected her, emphasizing that no one was immune to its impact.

Hard times: She may be a superstar with access to mansions with big backyards and plenty of toys, but Jennifer Lopez has been feeling the lockdown blues just like anyone else. Seen on Sunday in LA

Despite her fame and fortune, Jennifer Lopez is not immune to the struggles of the ongoing lockdown. The singer and actress was spotted in LA on Sunday, appearing to be affected by the difficult times just like everyone else. Despite having access to lavish mansions and plenty of entertainment, JLo is still feeling the lockdown blues.

Down in the dumps? On Monday the 51-year-old Hustlers actress told Spanish-language station in DC, El Zol 107.9 , that she has suffered from depression; seen this month on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez, the 51-year-old actress from Hustlers, recently opened up about her struggles with depression during an interview with Spanish-language station El Zol 107.9 in DC. She revealed that her kids and everyone in her house were affected by her low moments. The mother of 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, emphasized the importance of doing something that makes you feel good on days when you’re feeling down. She suggested working out at home, cooking something you enjoy, or any other activity that can lift your spirits. When asked about her children, she shared how her daughter Emme had cried in her bed and expressed how much she missed her friends and why this was happening in their lives.

Not so easy: 'You know, it's not easy. And during this pandemic I think everybody had a moment when they were depressed or they were scared about what was going to happen,' said the beauty who won a People's Choice Award this week (pictured)

It’s quite difficult: According to the recent People’s Choice Award winner, “It’s not a piece of cake, you know. The ongoing pandemic has caused everyone to experience moments of depression or fear about what the future holds.”

Stress: When asked about how her children Max and Emme were doing, she replied: '(There was a) moment in which Emme, my daughter, came to my bed and was crying,

When Jennifer Lopez was asked how her children were coping with the current situation, she shared an emotional moment with her daughter Emme. Emme had come to her bed crying about missing her friends and questioning why their lives had suddenly changed. Lopez, who shares Max and Emme with Mark Anthony, explained that they were witnessing protests and other unsettling events. She comforted Emme by telling her that change can be painful but it is necessary for the greater good of everyone. The Super Bowl performer emphasized the importance of staying positive during difficult times.

Next: This week she announced she is releasing a skincare line with JLO Beauty in January

Recently, the lovely JLO declared that she’ll be launching a skincare line in collaboration with JLO Beauty early next year. In the midst of all her busy schedules, she shared some wise words on how to cope with challenging moments. According to her, it’s essential to appreciate what we have and remain resilient during difficult times, thanks to our good health, love, and companionship. Apart from this exciting news, JLO also has a lot on her plate as her upcoming film, Marry Me, featuring Owen Wilson and Maluma, will hit the big screens on May 14, 2021.

Her next film: And her film Marry Me with Owen Wilson and Maluma will be released next year

Coming up next, fans can anticipate the release of her upcoming movie “Marry Me” co-starring Owen Wilson and Maluma which is slated for launch in the following year.

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