Introducing Yoda, the Unconventional Four-Eared Feline

If Batman decided to adopt a feline friend, it’s possible that it would resemble the unique appearance of Yoda the cat. Yoda boasts an additional pair of ears, setting him apart from other household pets. Valerie and Ted Rock became the proud owners of Yoda after encountering him at a local bar in Chicago. Originally part of a larger litter, Yoda was in search of a new home, which the Rocks were happy to provide.

Yoda the four-eared cat

Yoda, a house cat with a unique feature of having four ears, was adopted by a couple after they fell in love with the kitten at a pub in Chicago. The owners were trying to find a home for Yoda, and the couple named him after the pointy-eared Jedi knight in Star Wars. The couple had lost their pet cat of 20 years and thought they were done with cats until Yoda crawled up to the crook of the man’s neck and fell asleep. They named him Yoda because the Star Wars character was based on George Lucas’ cat. After adopting the kitten into their Illinois home, Yoda was taken to a local vet for a checkup by Valerie.

Valerie Rock and Yoda the four-eared cat

Valerie Rock rescued Yoda when she found him being passed around in a bar in Chicago. However, when she took him to the vet, they were amazed by his unique appearance. They searched the internet and found out that Yoda is a four-eared cat, which is extremely rare. Even other vets that Valerie spoke to had never seen anything like it before, making Yoda very special. Due to his unusual looks, Valerie keeps Yoda as an indoor cat and has installed a tracking chip in case he gets lost. She fears that Yoda might get catnapped because of his unique appearance. Despite having four ears, Yoda’s behavior and hearing are normal, according to Valerie. People often do a double-take when they see Yoda, but Valerie takes it all in good spirits and enjoys showing him off.


The feline named Yoda was inspired by the wise character from Star Wars. Despite his unique appearance with ears that point upwards, some people have incorrectly assumed that his ears were surgically altered. However, Yoda is just a normal and friendly cat who brings joy to those around him. Unlike other cats that may be fearful or solitary, Yoda is incredibly sociable and unafraid of anything. His only quirk is his obsession with bread – his owner cannot leave it on the counter for even a moment! Interestingly, when Yoda purrs, he does so silently, and the only way to feel the vibration is by placing a finger on his throat. Additionally, Yoda is not very vocal, and only meows softly and infrequently which is a positive trait for many cat owners.

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