In the Realm of Adolescence: Katy Perry Shares Surprising Wisdom for Her Romance-Obsessed Teenage Self

Katy Perry describes 2020 as a year of surrender, as she faced uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while also announcing her pregnancy with Orlando Bloom. Fast forward to 2021, and things are finally becoming clearer for her. Perry is now a proud mother to her 9-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove. She has also recently revealed her upcoming Las Vegas residency and released the track “Electric” for Pok√©mon’s 25th anniversary on May 14. In a conversation with POPSUGAR, the renowned pop icon discusses her journey from the past to the present and looks forward to the future, while expressing gratitude for the unwavering support she receives from her loved ones.

The music video for “Electric” takes inspiration from Perry’s adolescent years as she embarked on her journey in the music world. Looking back on this period, Perry believes that she handled it well, expressing her satisfaction by saying, “I did a fantastic job.” She harbors no regrets and acknowledges that she encountered obstacles, experienced failures, and made mistakes. However, she emphasizes the valuable lessons she gained from these experiences. Perry admits to being infatuated with boys during that phase of her life, constantly searching for genuine and everlasting love. If she had the opportunity to advise her younger self, she would encourage her to not waste time being overly emotional about relationships with boys. Nevertheless, she acknowledges that this emotional rollercoaster ultimately served as a source of inspiration for her songs.

“No need to stress, just keep going and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Avoid reading the comments and resist the temptation to scroll down. It’s important to differentiate between the online world and real life,” she added, accompanied by a knowing glance towards Bloom. The two of them crossed paths when he was 39. Perry will undoubtedly share this valuable insight with Daisy, and maybe even Bloom’s 10-year-old son, Flynn. Surprisingly enough, he’s already offering her music advice.”

“He’s really awesome. I definitely use him as a gauge of what’s considered ‘cool’,” Perry revealed, noting how Flynn helped her choose a lead single for her previous album, Smile. “I remember having ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ ‘Small Talk,’ and ‘Never Really Over’ on a playlist a few years ago, and I did a blind sound test for him. He immediately picked ‘Never Really Over’ and I thought, ‘Alright, that’s the single. Let’s go with it.'”

Not only does Perry receive input and support from her family, but she also surrounds herself with a supportive group of famous friends in the industry. “Dua Lipa has always been incredibly kind and has congratulated me, especially during the time I had my baby. Ellie Goulding just had her baby too, and we’ve exchanged photos,” Perry shared. “Sia has been a pillar of support during difficult times in the past. And Ariana Grande, whenever we meet up, we have a great catch-up session. I have so much love for her. I genuinely believe she has the best voice in the music industry. It’s fantastic to see so many women in the industry connecting with each other nowadays.”

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