“I’m More Than Just My Looks”: Scarlett Johansson Addresses Discrimination in Hollywood Casting Process Based on Physical Appearance

Scarlett Johansson, the stunning Hollywood actress, has claimed that her beauty isn’t always helpful. Despite her good looks, she admits that it has caused her to lose out on roles since people believed she was “too sexy.” The We Bought A Zoo star believes that casting someone solely based on their appearance is unchallenging and unfortunate. She shared that she had experienced such incidents before and found them disheartening.

Scarlett Johansson has revealed that her looks have hindered her from getting roles in movies. The actress stated that it’s interesting to see actors transform and that there are times when she’s not sexy. Despite this, Johansson maintains her appearance by staying healthy and not being too strict with her diet and exercise regimen. She enjoys going out and indulging in a slice of cake or a couple of glasses of wine occasionally, while still striving to work out and eat well most of the time.

Scarlett embraced a more natural appearance for her role in We Bought A Zoo, opting for a down-to-earth look. In order to maintain a healthy diet, she consumes plenty of kale and avoids meat and dairy products.

Cameron Crowe, the director of We Bought A Zoo, did not let Scarlet’s well-known physical features influence his decision to cast her as zookeeper Kelly. Scarlet expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to work with him and explains that any collaboration with Crowe has been a positive experience. She states that even when leaving an audition without getting the role, she feels accomplished and proud of the work she put in. We Bought A Zoo is now available on DVD.

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“He really challenges your thought process and pushes you to think creatively. You’re exploring different approaches and delving deep into the character you want to create. Working alongside him for months allowed us to build a character together, and it was an amazing experience.”

On fire: The actress’ appearance was not a problem in her role in The Avengers. While filming We Bought A Zoo, Scarlet had to interact with various animals such as tigers and snakes. However, there was only one animal that made her uncomfortable.

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I really despise cockroaches due to a traumatic experience from my childhood. They make me feel uneasy and I cannot handle being around them. Even if it was for an important task, I don’t think I could overcome my fear of them. Unlike majestic animals like tigers or lions, cockroaches give me chills just thinking about them.

Scarlett Johansson revealed that she enjoyed working with children in movies and wouldn’t mind having some of her own in the future. However, she clarified that it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon but having kids someday would be lovely for her. If you want to see more of Scarlett’s stunning looks, check out Scarlett Johansson’s Best Red Carpet Looks Channel Classic Glamour.

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