Here’s What Went Down When Cardi B Tossed Her Mic: A Fresh Take on the Woman’s Aftermath

Cardi B is once again making headlines, but this time it’s for an unusual incident. A fan was caught on camera throwing a drink at the rapper while she was performing on stage.

The moment that was captured via Getty Images led to a quick response from her, which has caused a split in opinions among internet users.

According to one fan, individuals like that should be prohibited from attending any future events. Another fan backed the woman’s actions by saying they would have done the same thing in her shoes.

A recent incident involving a woman throwing a microphone at a performer’s head during a concert sparked controversy among fans. While some condemned her actions, one suggested taking legal action against her. However, a new video has surfaced, revealing what happened to the woman after she threw the microphone.

You don’t need an introduction to Cardi B, right?

Although she is primarily known for her music, Cardi B also frequently discusses her approach to parenting with great detail. She takes pride in her close bond with her daughter, and attributes this to her decision not to hire a nanny. Don’t miss out on these amazing Amazon deals!

Cardi B shared her choice to have a baby when Kulture was born and mentioned that it’s something she had considered earlier. She also acknowledged how challenging it could be with such a hectic lifestyle. She pointed out that not many artists had babies at the start of their careers, and she was no exception. In fact, she discovered she was pregnant before releasing her debut album.

The anxiety over her career and future was palpable among everyone, but she reassured them that it would be a breeze with a nanny accompanying her on all her travels. Nevertheless, everything took an unexpected turn when she welcomed her daughter in 2018.

The celebrity mom shared that she was too afraid to hire a nanny for her baby when she arrived because she only wanted family members around. She emphasized that she has never had a nanny for her child. Even though her schedule is hectic, she avoids asking her family to take care of her kids as much as possible.

According to Cardi B, parents have already gone through their younger years and have raised their children, so they may not have the same level of stamina as someone in their 20s. As a mother, she believes it is her responsibility to always be close to her children. She also empathizes with hardworking mothers who work tirelessly to provide for their families, as having and raising children is a full-time job.

According to an interview, Cardi B revealed that she has been experiencing a stressful time lately due to her children, Kulture and Wave Set, being unwell. She mentioned that she has been taking care of her baby constantly for the past two days, but she accepts it as part of motherhood. Nevertheless, some people do not view Cardi as a positive influence on her children.

According to reports, MMA fighter Jake Shields recently referred to rapper Cardi B as a negative role model. This sparked an online feud between the two personalities commencing last Thursday.

Shields took to social media to defend Andrew Tate, with a series of tweets. He criticized the double standards where people are concerned about young boys looking up to Tate, while not batting an eye at young girls idolizing celebrities like Cardi B and the Kardashians.

According to Shields, Tate’s primary advice is to avoid laziness and excuses and instead work hard to get fit and earn money. On the other hand, Cardi’s message seems to be about using drugs, engaging in casual sex, and living life without much thought.

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