Heart-rending photographs reveal the emaciated state of dog Dibbley, abandoned to suffer from hunger by a heartless owner

Disturbing images display a malnourished canine so gaunt that each individual bone protruded from its frail body. Dibbley, weighing barely 9 kilograms, was distressingly close to the brink of death, as per veterinary professionals who likened the pet to a mere skeletal frame.

 Shocking photos show a dog that was so thin it was just one day away from death

Startling images reveal a canine in such a emaciated state that it teetered on the brink of death, highlighting the severity of the situation.

 Dibbley was discovered by the RSPCA in an emaciated state with his bones showing

Dibbley, a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog, was discovered in a severely emaciated state by the RSPCA. The RSPCA was called to the property by police who were initially responding to an unrelated matter but became concerned for the dog’s well-being. Upon entering the house, Inspector Dave McAdam noticed an overwhelming smell of faeces and urine coming from the kitchen floor, which was also covered in rubbish. In the bedroom, he found Dibbley, who appeared to be nothing but a walking skeleton. The vet who assessed Dibbley described him as being on the brink of death, with every major bone in his body visibly prominent. Dibbley, estimated to be around nine years old, had to be carried out of the property and taken to a vet for immediate treatment.
The owner, James Drury, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Dibbley and was given a ten-year ban on owning animals. The court also imposed an 18-month community order and placed Drury on a “thinking skills” program for 19 days, along with a 12-day rehabilitation requirement. In his defense, Drury claimed to be under immense stress at the time and experiencing financial hardship.
At the time of his rescue, Dibbley weighed less than 9 kilograms, but with a specialized diet, he was able to gain weight rapidly. Within six weeks, he weighed just over 20 kilograms. Dibbley is currently under the care of the RSPCA and will soon be placed in a new home.

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