“From Stray to Lucky Feline: How a Unique Marked Kitten Found Companionship with Three Other Cats after Two Months on the Streets”

A stunningly marked kitten was discovered wandering outside and after a couple of months, she had her wish granted with the arrival of three additional feline companions.

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Cloud and Polly were in dire need of assistance when Shelly received a call from someone who noticed them wandering outside without their mother. Being an animal rescuer for over 12 years, Shelly sprang into action to help the poor kittens. She located the cat mom, but unfortunately, she showed no interest in caring for her babies. The kittens were suffering from infections, causing their eyes to be crusted shut, and they were also underweight. Shelly did not waste any time and immediately took the smallest kitten to provide vital care while ensuring that the other two were also well-attended.

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Shelly, who goes by the handle @5_star_strays on social media, came across some kittens who were wandering outside without their mother. Although she was already taking care of 16 rescues at that time, she couldn’t bear to leave the kittens alone and helpless. She took it upon herself to bring them home, thinking that since they were three weeks old, they would soon learn to wean themselves off their mother’s milk. Shelly shared this story with Love Meow.

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As soon as Shelly introduced a bottle to the litter, Polly was quick to adapt and take to it. Along with her siblings Cloud and Destiny, they were given mixed wet food to supplement their diet. However, despite Shelly’s best efforts, Destiny, the smallest of the litter, did not survive. Despite this loss, Polly and Cloud eagerly drank from the bottle and filled their bellies at every feeding.

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Shelly from 5_star_strays shared an incredible transformation of a cat who turned into a shoulder stunner. Polly and Cloud, who were under Shelly’s care, showed tremendous improvement with better eating habits and medical attention. Both cats had clearer eyes, stronger bodies, and higher energy levels. Luckily, Shelly was able to intervene before any severe damage was done. The mother cat and a few other felines in the region were also spayed to prevent future complications.

calico kitten beautiful markings

Shelly from 5_star_strays describes Polly as a feline with admirable patterns and a charming character. Polly, the calico cat, was born with exquisite markings that only became more dazzling as she grew up. She walks around with an air of confidence, with her tail raised high, as she ventures out to explore her surroundings. Her brother, Cloud, follows closely behind her, gazing at everything with curiosity. Together, they learned how to eat from a dish and master the art of using the litter box.

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Cloud and Polly have made impressive progress in their development, according to Shelly from 5_star_strays. They were introduced to other foster cats in the home to enhance their social skills. After getting familiar with their feline friends, they happily engaged in playful activities and integrated smoothly into the group.

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Polly and MiloShelly @5_star_strays shared that Polly and Cloud recuperated fully and became lively young cats. They became friends with several foster kitties who guided and supported them. Shelly was taken aback when Donna, a previous adopter, expressed interest in adopting four kittens. The duo had found their forever home with Donna.

calico kitten beautiful markings

Shelly, who goes by the handle @5_star_strays, shared a heartwarming update about Donna and her newly adopted furry friends – Polly, Cloud, and two other foster pals. According to Shelly, Donna was smitten with the adorable creatures and couldn’t bring herself to break up the gang. Thankfully, the quartet found their forever home together last week and are now living happily ever after.

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Shelly from the Instagram account @5_star_strays shared how grateful she is for someone who offered a home to four cats. She mentioned that such an opportunity should not be missed, and it is rare to find someone who can provide shelter for multiple felines. The four cats have adjusted well to their new abode, and they now have six cat companions to play with.

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Polly and Cloud have found their forever home with two other foster buddies of theirs, Shelly from 5_star_strays. They are over the moon with their new human mom and have already formed a close bond with their adopted feline siblings.

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