“From Paws to Tail: Discover the Maine Coon Cat – A Majestic Feline That Resembles a Canine!”

Kefir the Maine Coon cat is only one-year-old, which means he's not done growing!

Introducing Kefir, the Maine Coon cat that’s taking social media by storm. This lovable feline is merely one year old but is already making headlines online. His owner, Yulia Minina, can’t get enough of sharing his adorable pictures with the world, and they’ve been quick to gain attention. With a weight of a whopping 26.5 pounds, Kefir is as tall as a small child when he stands up, towering over most people. However, even though he’s massive, Kefir may not have finished growing yet. Usually, Maine Coon cats continue to develop until they’re three years old, so we might see more of Kefir’s impressive size in the future.

Kefir is 26.5 pounds and could grow up to one metre long

Meet Kefir, a hefty cat tipping the scales at 26.5 pounds. As a Maine Coon breed, Kefir has the ability to reach up to one meter in length. This feline’s origins can be traced back to the state of Maine in the United States, where the breed is recognized as the second largest domestic cat species worldwide. It’s worth noting that this breed is even the official state cat of Maine.

Maine Coons are the second largest domestic cat breed in the world

Maine Coon felines are well-known for being the second largest breed of domestic cats in the world, and they have the potential to grow up to one meter in length. These adorable cats are known as gentle giants because of their friendly nature, despite their size.

Kefir's owner says that when people visit the house they often mistake him for a dog

Yulia, the owner of Kefir, shared with Pets Radar that visitors often mistake her pet for a dog. Although Kefir has a formidable appearance, he is actually loving and modest. Whenever guests come over, they can’t resist giving him attention, which he happily receives. Nevertheless, people who are unfamiliar with him tend to assume that he is a dog upon first meeting him.

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