From Glamour to Frump: Angelina Jolie’s Transformation into Maria Callas during Filming Biopic in Paris

On Thursday, actress Angelina Jolie was seen on the set of her latest movie in Paris, looking almost unrecognizable from her usual glamorous appearance. The 48-year-old is playing the role of iconic opera singer Maria Callas in a biopic and opted for a vintage tweed ensemble instead of her typical red carpet attire. Angelina was seen wearing thick, wide-brimmed spectacles and a greying wig styled in a bun. In outdoor scenes where her character was walking her dogs, she wore a dark suit and brown overcoat, complemented by knee-high boots, leather gloves, and a vintage handbag.

In character: Angelina Jolie, 48, looked almost unrecognisable as she was spotted on the set of her new movie in Paris on Thursday

Angelina Jolie, who is 48 years old, was seen on the set of her latest film in Paris last Thursday and her appearance was quite different from what we are used to seeing.

Movie magic: The actress, who is starring as iconic opera singer Maria Callas in the biopic, shunned her usual glamorous look for a vintage tweed ensemble

Elegant: Angelina pictured earlier in the day heading to set

Angelina Jolie is making waves in the film industry once again as she stars in a biopic playing the role of iconic opera singer, Maria Callas. The actress has ditched her glamorous Hollywood look for a vintage tweed ensemble while on set, showcasing a different side to her usual style. Earlier on, she looked elegant in a black midi dress as she headed to set with practical ballet flats, sunglasses, and a large Celine handbag. In the first look images released, Angelina transformed into the role of Maria Callas, going make-up free and wearing thick brown-rimmed glasses and chunky knits. She also had the opportunity to wear some of Callas’ authentic clothing, including vintage fur items from Massimo Cantini Parrini’s archive collection. This highly anticipated biopic will follow Maria Callas’s turbulent life and legacy, and fans are eager to see Angelina’s portrayal of the iconic opera singer.

On set: Angelina sported a pair of thick wide brimmed spectacles as well as a greying wig which was tied into a bun

During filming, Angelina was seen wearing some chunky glasses with a broad brim and a wig in grey hue that was styled into a bun.

Walkies: In outdoor scenes as her character walked Angelina (left) dogs she wore a dark suit and cropped brown overcoat

During the outdoor scenes where Angelina was walking her dogs, she sported a stylish dark suit paired with a trendy cropped brown overcoat.

Period piece: The Oscar winner slipped her feet into knee-high boots and wore a silk scarf, with leather gloves and a vintage handbag

Vintage vibes were in full swing as the Academy Award recipient donned a pair of knee-high boots, a silk scarf, and accessorized with leather gloves and a classic handbag.

Busy: She filmed the scenes with her co-stars on the streets of Paris

Hectic: On the busy streets of Paris, she captured some amazing moments while filming alongside her talented co-stars.

Pooches: Angelina appeared totally at ease with her four-legged friends

Angelina looked completely relaxed and comfortable in the company of her furry companions.

Beaming: She smiled and shared. joke with the crew between scenes

Radiant: With a cheerful demeanor, she grinned and entertained the crew with a humorous anecdote during breaks in filming.

Biopic: The actress transformed herself into the role of iconic opera singer Maria Callas for the film, which will follow her turbulent life and legacy

She, takes on role of the legendary artist in the biopic Maria, directed by Pablo Larraín (pictured in 1970)

Actress Angelina Jolie has taken on the challenging role of playing the iconic opera singer Maria Callas in an upcoming biopic. The film will delve into the turbulent life and legacy of Maria, who was considered one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century before she passed away in 1977. Alongside her incredible range on stage, Maria was also known for her tumultuous love life, including a romance with Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis who later married Jackie Kennedy. Angelina has expressed her commitment to doing justice to Maria’s story, stating that she takes the responsibility of portraying her life and legacy very seriously. She also spoke highly of the film’s director, Pablo Larraín, whom she has long admired.

Out and about: Earlier in the day Angelina looked ultra chic in a black mididress as she departed her hotel and headed to set

While out and about, Angelina appeared incredibly stylish in a midi dress that was colored black. She left her hotel and made her way to the set of her project earlier in the day.

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