Exploring Her Musical Roots: Miley Cyrus Opens Up to Lars Ulrich about Her Inner Rockstar

Miu Miu contributed the dress, tights, and boots for Ulrich’s outfit while Nicholas Des Jardins fashioned his headpiece. The band was thrilled to perform at Glastonbury for the first time in 2014. Despite the English media’s protective demeanor towards their cultural events, the band managed to bring a sense of coherence and solidarity to the festival. They spent the entire weekend traversing the festival grounds without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. According to Cyrus, Glastonbury is a haven where everyone congregates for a weekend, and its absence of commercialism makes it an authentic experience. This aligns with the theme of their Blacklist album, which features Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, and Cyrus, among others, without any prejudices about their talents. The album’s objective is to unite people, and the message is that our collective strength is formidable, and we are more potent together. The fundamental human desire is to feel connected to others who share similar experiences, and it is better not to endure life’s challenges alone.

Chanel and Baserange’s collaboration has produced an exceptional and diverse alliance, with a message that promotes inclusivity and celebrates individuality. This sentiment is mirrored in Cyrus’ rendition of “Nothing Else Matters,” which was approved by all participating artists. The cover has provided Metallica fans with a fresh perspective on the classic song. Covering someone else’s work can be freeing and allows for artistic interpretation without the obligation to create something entirely original. Metallica’s enduring success showcases their innovative spirit and their unwavering dedication to producing new music.

Cyrus and Ulrich recently had a chat about how they came up with a special song that holds a lot of meaning for Cyrus. Interestingly, this song had been featured in her live shows even before she recorded it in her home studio during the pandemic. According to Cyrus, this made it easier for her to fully connect with the lyrics and give an emotionally charged performance. She also talks about how liberating it was to sing in her true voice without conforming to societal expectations for female vocalists. Ulrich couldn’t help but express his admiration for Cyrus and the team that worked on the project. They both agree that creating music during such a challenging time was a unique experience.

Gucci has unveiled fresh socks and briefs. During a recent conversation between Cyrus and Ulrich, the former mentioned his homage to Chris Cornell. He revealed his connection with Cornell’s daughters and how playing the tribute was done to put smiles on their faces. Cyrus also spoke about his band that has been by his side since he was 12 years old. He referred to them as his family on the road and appreciated their unwavering support. The band even converts his original songs into rock hits. Ulrich expressed gratitude to Cyrus for collaborating with Metallica in “Nothing Else Matters” and looked forward to seeing him at BottleRock.

The most recent assortment from Gucci showcases an elegant ensemble consisting of a chic bra, skirt, and pair of shoes.

The dress was crafted by Kenzo, while Melitta Baumeister contributed the shorts that were worn underneath. Angel Chen took charge of designing the leg warmers.

The clothing combo consists of a lovely top and shorts made by the talented Anthony Vaccarello for the brand Saint Laurent. The socks are created by Brother Vellies, while the footwear is from the renowned designer Christian Louboutin.

Gucci has an impressive collection of clothing items that can add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. Their shoes, socks, and coats are designed with high-quality materials and stylish designs to complete any outfit. It’s definitely worth considering incorporating some Gucci pieces into your wardrobe to take it up a notch.

I recently had the honor of having Gucci design my coat. At age 28, I feel like a zero-fucks-given rocker with a voice more powerful than any guitar. My latest album, Plastic Hearts, solidified my place in the rock world, and my cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” further proved my rock bona fides. I recently spoke with Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica, about our upcoming performance at the BottleRock festival. After a year and a half without performing live, stepping out onto the stage at Lollapalooza felt like I was leaping out of an airplane in front of 100,000 people. But once the music starts, all fears and judgments are wiped away, creating a unique and liberating experience.

During my performance, I wore a Buci romper, Gucci socks, and Gucci shoes. Lars and I talked about our experiences performing in front of live audiences after the chaos of the past year. We both agreed that being on stage felt peaceful and safe. I mentioned how Marilyn Monroe brought hope and joy to troops during war times, and our performances provided similar feelings of joy and inspiration to people who have been through their struggles during the pandemic.

We also talked about the importance of lyrics in songs and how they resonate with audiences. I shared that I keep a notebook to write down my morals, values, potential, and commitments to myself and others. When I listened to “Nothing Else Matters” before my Glastonbury performance, it aligned with my morals and values, becoming the only song I could imagine playing.

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