“Exclusive Interview: Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Special Bond with Adopted Daughter Zahara”

Just the other day, Angelina Jolie referred to her Ethiopian adoptive daughter Zahara as an exceptional African child. According to Angelina, Zahara has taught her a lot, and she’s grateful for the experience.

Angelina Jolie recently opened up about her adopted daughter, Zahara, describing her as an exceptional African girl. Jolie adopted Zahara when she was just a young child and living in an Ethiopian orphanage back in 2005. Zahara is the eldest of Jolie’s three daughters, and during an online video chat with environmental activist Vanessa Nakate, Jolie spoke at length about her admiration for her adopted daughter. In the interview, Jolie gushed about Zahara’s unique personality and connection to her roots, which she can only observe with amazement. Zahara’s heritage and homeland continue to play an important role in her life, and Jolie is proud to be a part of it.

Angelina Jolie recently praised her adopted Ethiopian daughter Zahara as an exceptional African girl from whom she has learned a lot. Angelina and her ex-husband Brad Pitt share the responsibility of raising their six children, including Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne. Paparazzi have spotted Brad Pitt visiting Angelina’s villa in Los Feliz twice in the past two weeks, hinting at a possible improvement in their relationship after their complicated divorce. The former couple had to go through psychological counseling and family mediation to come to an agreement on sharing the care of their children. Currently, the children regularly move between their parents’ houses. Angelina has expressed her desire to live abroad once her children turn 18, but for now, she is living where their father resides.

Angelina Jolie’s eldest daughter is named Zahara. Legal agreements made after the divorce between Jolie and Brad Pitt prevented Jolie from unilaterally relocating with the children. Pitt has stated that he struggled with alcohol addiction during his marriage to Jolie but has since become sober, leading the court to grant him more time with their children. This arrangement has been in place since last year.

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