Exclusive: Inside Justin Bieber’s Turbulent Journey – How Health Concerns and Support from Loved Ones Led to the Cancellation of His Tour

According to exclusive sources close to Justin Bieber, it turns out that his decision to cancel his Justice World Tour was not actually his own choice. Instead, his doctors urgently recommended this course of action due to concerns about his ongoing struggle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The 29-year-old singer, known for hits like “Sorry,” was allegedly “forced” to pull the plug on the tour by his medical team. These sources reveal that Justin has been feeling physically and mentally exhausted lately, and the doctors advised him that canceling the remaining tour dates was necessary for his well-being. The singer himself understands the potential negative consequences on his overall health if he were to continue with the tour and values his health above all else, recognizing that without it, he would have nothing.

Justin Bieber was 'forced' to cancel his tour by doctors who have grown increasingly concerned about his health amid his ongoing battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome (seen)

Doctors have recently made the difficult decision to cancel Justin Bieber’s highly anticipated tour. Their growing concern about his health, particularly in regards to his ongoing struggle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, has prompted this necessary course of action.

Standing by her man: Justin's wife Hailey is very 'worried' about him, along with other family members and friends, a source told DailyMail.com

According to a source, Hailey, the wife of Justin, expresses deep concern for him just like his other loved ones, including family and friends.

'Justin is fragile and has has been worn thin lately,' the insider said of the singer's health woes

According to an inside source, Justin’s current state of health could be described as delicate and he has been experiencing a heightened level of exhaustion and stress lately.

Justin, who had upcoming performances in various countries including the UK, Australia, Poland, France, New Zealand, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, has not yet addressed the recent news of his tour cancellation. According to a source, he feels remorseful and recognizes the impact this decision has on his fans, assuring their well-being is a priority for him.

Not only Justin’s doctors, but also his wife Hailey, family, and friends have expressed concern about his declining health. The insider revealed that Justin used to believe he was invincible, but his experience with Ramsay Hunt syndrome has shown him otherwise.

The announcement of the tour cancellation did not provide an official explanation, simply stating that the remaining dates of the Justice World Tour have been canceled and fans should contact their ticket points of purchase for refunds. Fans speculated that the reason behind the cancellation could be related to Justin’s health struggles, as he has been open about his battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome since his diagnosis in June 2022. He had shared photos and videos online documenting his facial paralysis caused by the condition, which is typically triggered by a shingles outbreak affecting a nerve near the ears.

Pulling the plug: This is the fifth time that Justin has been forced to cancel the Justice Tour, the first time being when the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the world

Ceasing the show: Justin finds himself in a familiar predicament as he reluctantly cancels the Justice Tour for the fifth occasion. The initial blow struck when the global onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic left the world paralyzed.

His loyal fans were told that they would get a 'full refund for their tickets'

The devoted followers were promised a complete reimbursement for the cost of their tickets.

Before the sickness: Months before being diagnosed, Justin showed off his incredible body at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in April 2022

In the months leading up to his diagnosis, Justin proudly displayed his impressive physique during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in April. The dreadful illness he faced came with various symptoms, including an excruciating rash, hearing impairment, and facial weakness. Justin himself experienced facial paralysis, which he revealed in a video after his initial diagnosis. In the video, he opened up about his condition and expressed his inability to blink his right eye or move the right side of his face.

Addressing his fans, Justin began the video by saying, “Hey everyone, it’s Justin. I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening.” Reflecting on his appearance, he acknowledged the impact of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a syndrome caused by a virus that attacks the nerves in his ear and facial nerves, rendering his face partially paralyzed.

Later, Justin shared a somber update about his condition on his Instagram story, expressing his frustration with the increasing difficulty of eating. He requested prayers from his followers and supporters, highlighting the challenging nature of his situation.

Prior to this illness, Justin had already faced multiple postponements of his tour. The initial delay was due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In September 2022, Justin made the difficult decision to cancel the tour altogether, citing physical and mental health issues. However, he shared the positive news that he had managed to overcome the facial paralysis he previously experienced.

Following the tour cancellation announcement, Twitter users flooded the platform with messages of support for Justin. One fan wrote, “I’m so proud of him for prioritizing his health. He is an incredible artist.” Another tweet expressed understanding and empathy, stating, “While I’d love to see @justinbieber perform again, his personal well-being comes first. Wishing him all the best.”

A third fan tweeted, sharing their sympathy, “I just heard that Justin Bieber had to cancel the rest of his tour dates. I genuinely hope he finds healing. He has been through so much, and even though I may never see him perform live, I want what’s best for him.”

On July 31, Justin made the decision to resume his tour in Italy. He managed to complete seven shows before ultimately deciding to step away once again. In an Instagram post, Justin explained, “After taking time to rest and consult with my doctors, family, and team, I attempted to continue the tour in Europe. I performed six live shows, but it really took a toll on me.”

Happy Birthday: Justin's wife Hailey, 26, shared a birthday post for her husband's 29th birthday earlier this week

Celebratory wishes poured in for Justin as he celebrated his 29th birthday earlier this week. Hailey, his loving wife, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt birthday post for him. She expressed how proud she was of his recent performance at Rock In Rio in Brazil, where he gave his all to the enthusiastic crowd. Hailey also mentioned his brave battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition that caused facial paralysis and led to the cancellation of several tour dates earlier in the year.

The timing of the birthday celebrations couldn’t have been better, with Justin being surrounded by love and well-wishes. Hailey posted a touching tribute on March 1, showcasing their beautiful memories together. Alongside three adorable pictures of the couple, she even included a throwback photo of Justin as a young child. Hailey, being the cover girl she is, eloquently expressed her feelings, writing, “29 never looked so good. Happy Birthday to you, my best friend! Words cannot capture all that you are.”

In her Instagram caption, Hailey also expressed her hopes for the future, looking forward to more joy, travel, delicious food, adventures, peace, fun, and above all, more love. Their journey together started in December 2015 and had its ups and downs, but their love triumphed. They reconciled in June 2018, got engaged a month later, and finally tied the knot later that same year. Their bond continues to grow stronger as they navigate life’s ups and downs together.

As the couple celebrates Justin’s special day, it is evident that they are grateful for each other’s love and support. With Hailey by his side, Justin has overcome challenges and continued to share his talent with the world. Their love story is a true testament to the power of love and dedication, and they are excited for what the future holds. Happy Birthday, Justin!

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