“Embracing Independence: Angelina Jolie Finds Happiness in Singlehood”

There are several speculations that Angelina Jolie still wishes to reconcile with Brad Pitt, but insiders have refuted these claims. It’s been quite some time since their separation back in September 2016, and up until now, there hasn’t been any news of a new man in Jolie’s life.

Reports suggest that Brad Pitt is allegedly involved in multiple romantic relationships, although none of them have been officially confirmed. According to a source close to the actor, he has been set up on dates by his friends and has met several women. Meanwhile, it has been reported by Hollywood Life that Angelina Jolie has no plans of dating anytime soon. She is content with her current life as a single mother and is dedicated to her work. The source further added that Angelina does not feel lonely and does not require a new partner to lead a happy life. It is believed that the reason for her unwillingness to date is due to her past experiences with Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie is keeping herself busy with a lot of work. Apart from her job at the United Nations, she has taken on the responsibility of being the editor of Time magazine where she writes monthly articles on various subjects like migration, conflict, and human rights. Additionally, she has also signed up for numerous film projects such as The One and Only Ivan, Come Away, Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story, and The Kept where she will be acting and producing. Currently, she is busy shooting for her new action movie Those Who Wish Me Dead in the New Mexico desert while being a mother to six children.

Angelina and Brad share the responsibility of parenting, but Angelina takes on the primary caregiver role. Despite her busy filming schedule, she always makes time to fly back to Los Angeles to fulfill her duties as a mother. She can be seen regularly taking her children out for lunch, walking with them, and doing normal motherly activities. However, due to her busy schedule, Angelina rarely has time to socialize with friends or go out alone. Unlike Brad Pitt, she doesn’t often mingle with colleagues in the entertainment industry.

According to a reliable source, Angelina Jolie isn’t disheartened by her three failed marriages. She’s open to finding love again, but only if she meets someone who truly captivates her. The source added that Angelina is content with being single for now and won’t settle until she finds the right person.

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