Desperate Struggle for Survival: Rescuing a Starving Dog at KHS

Just recently, a dog in critical condition was brought to KHS after being discovered on the verge of death from severe starvation. The length of time that this dog has spent out in the freezing temperatures, fending for itself, is uncertain. Nevertheless, we are extremely thankful for the Good Samaritan who rescued him and brought him to KHS.
This dog, whom we have decided to name Miracle, is merely one year old and has a body score of 1, weighing only 45 pounds instead of the healthy 70 pounds. His physical condition is so weak that he cannot walk or even raise his head, and he is unable to eat on his own.
Our dedicated veterinary team is making every effort to save Miracle’s life, although his prognosis is uncertain. They have been administering I.V. fluids and hand-feeding him with a syringe. Our veterinarians plan to stay with him throughout the night to ensure his stability. As soon as we have further updates, we will provide them to you. In the meantime, we kindly request that you consider making a donation to assist Miracle and other animals like him in receiving the necessary tender loving care.
The extent of additional care that Miracle may require remains to be seen. Please keep this unfortunate dog in your thoughts as he battles for his life. We firmly believe in miracles, particularly because we are aware that every animal that enters our facility receives support from incredible individuals like yourself.
We would greatly appreciate any donations made in honor of Miracle. Updates regarding his progress will be posted on our Facebook page and this blog.

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