Cheeky Cardi B Twerks in a Pink Thong Bodysuit for Racy ‘Uncut’ FendiDa Rappa Music Video

On Monday, Cardi B shared her own version of the music video for her song Point Me 2 with FendiDa Rappa. The rapper, who is 30 years old, posted a brief clip of the ‘Cardi’s Cut’ version of the track she worked on with the emerging underground artist from Chicago, on Instagram.

The popular musician recently shared a post on social media where she quoted some of the lyrics from her own verse in the popular song. This comes after she and her husband celebrated their daughter’s fifth birthday amidst rumors of infidelity.

“I’m earning money, who’s dancing? I’m really making moves,” she stated before revealing that the latest video was now accessible on YouTube. “CARDI’S rendition of the Point Me 2 music video is now available. I’m being unfiltered,” said the popular artist behind WAP.

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