Chance Encounter: Justin Bieber Runs into Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid after Unforgettable Barcelona Training Session with Lionel Messi and Company

Justin Bieber recently had the pleasure of spending time with the renowned trio of Barcelona’s ‘MSN’, consisting of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar. However, it appears that the pop sensation has quickly changed his allegiance. In just a matter of days, Bieber decided to switch from Barcelona to Real Madrid and was seen in a photograph alongside Sergio Ramos, one of the star players of the Madrid team. Bieber’s visit to Spain is a part of his ongoing European tour, with his performance scheduled at Madrid’s Barclaycard Arena on Wednesday evening.

Justin Bieber hangs out with Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos days after training with Barcelona

Justin Bieber enjoys a chill time with Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid just a few days after collaborating on some fun training sessions with Barcelona.

The American pop superstar spent time with Neymar, Luis Suarez And Lionel Messi on Monday

On Monday, the renowned American pop icon had the opportunity to hang out with some of football’s biggest stars, including Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi. Ramos, the Spanish football player, even had the chance to meet the 22-year-old singer backstage. Excited about their encounter, Ramos posted a photo of himself and Bieber on Instagram, captioning it “Recognize him? Great show Justin Bieber.” It’s undeniable that Ramos enjoyed the concert, especially after his recent victory with Real in Lisbon against Sporting. This win secured Real’s place in the knockout stages, although they still trail behind Group F leaders Borussia Dortmund by two points with one game remaining. While Bieber spent time with Ramos, Messi and Suarez were seen posing alongside the singer at Barcelona’s training center. Additionally, Neymar and Rafinha took the opportunity to train with Bieber. All in all, it seems like a star-studded meeting for all parties involved.

Pop superstar Bieber (right) poses with Barcelona's Brazilian forward Neymar (left)

Bieber, the iconic pop sensation, strikes a pose alongside Neymar, Barcelona’s talented Brazilian forward.

On the European giants’ Snapchat account, there were videos featuring Bieber joining in different drills. The fun started with As Long As You Love Me singer trying his hand at being a goalie, but he couldn’t stop Rafinha’s magnificent left-footed shot. Moving on, Bieber had a go at taking penalties, initially sending one over the bar, but then redeeming himself by successfully striking a low shot into the bottom corner. In a dazzling display of footwork, he outsmarted Neymar, who was playing as the goalkeeper, and scored a remarkable goal, leaving no room for apologies.

Rafinha prepares to shoot at the Canadian

The session begun with the As Long As You Love Me star going in between the sticks

The session kicked off with the star of “As Long As You Love Me” heading towards the goalposts (on the right side).

Bieber then had the chance to show his penalty prowess and he came up with the goods

The singer prepares to shoot

Bieber had an opportunity to showcase his penalty skills and he delivered with excellent results.

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