“Championing the Rights of Crime Victims: Angelina Jolie and Daughter Zahara Take a Stand with Lawmakers”

The celebrity and activist recently visited Washington, D.C. for a couple of days to support the approval of the Justice for All Reauthorization Act in 2022.

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, accompanied by her daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, recently wrapped up a two-day trip to Washington, D.C. During their visit, they met with lawmakers to lobby for the enactment of the Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2022, which seeks to safeguard the rights of victims of crime.

Apart from establishing a fresh entitlement for evidence and agency reports for the victims of crimes, the proposal strives to enhance forensic science, eliminate the accumulation of untested rape kits, and tackle the ethnic imbalances that continue to exist in wrongful convictions within the United States’ legal system. On a different note, Angelina Jolie shares the most compassionate act someone has performed for her.

According to an insider, the renowned actress and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, recently visited Congress and the White House alongside her daughter. While there, they discussed a proposed change in legislation that would allow crime victims access to records and evidence of their abuse. Currently, there is no federal government system in place that provides this information to victims. Jolie has been a vocal advocate for refugee rights through her work with the United Nations and spoke passionately about the issue to lawmakers during her visit.

According to Professor Jane Stoever from the University of CA Irvine School of Law, the issue of survivors not having access to their records of reported crimes is a widespread problem in the United States. These records are crucial for survivors to advocate for health and trauma care, as well as safety protections in family court. Jolie further emphasized that every family should have the right to access these records. Recently, Jolie and her daughter Zahara met with lawmakers during their trip to Washington D.C. to discuss the need for reforms in this area.

The pictures show that the Oscar winner and her daughter had a meeting with Patrick Leahy, who is one of the sponsors of the bill as well as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. According to an anonymous source, the actress also had a discussion with members of the White House Gender Policy Council regarding legislative priorities prior to the launch of the U.S. Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence this week. Moreover, she was present at the Respect for Marriage Act signing ceremony on Tuesday.

Actress Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt recently attended a bill signing ceremony for the Respect for Marriage Act. Professor Jane Stoever of the University of CA Irvine School of Law was also present at the event. Jolie expressed her honor at being able to witness this historic moment, which aims to provide dignity and safety to LGBTQ and interracial couples and families. While advocating for abuse victims in DC, Jolie and her daughter celebrated the love and security that the act provides. Stay updated on the latest celebrity news and human interest stories by subscribing to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter.

Zahara, who is now a college student at Spelman College, has accompanied her mother to Washington D.C. before to promote causes like the Violence Against Women Act. Jolie herself has been a longtime advocate for the well-being and safety of children and families, supporting acts such as the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act and the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act on a global scale. This isn’t her first time advocating in the capital.
Source: people.com

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