Celebrity Mom Angelina Jolie Embraces Her Children’s Diverse Backgrounds: A Heartwarming Journey of Love and Acceptance

In a recent interview with Vogue, Angelina Jolie emphasized the significance of recognizing and appreciating her adopted children’s cultural origins. As a mother to both biological and adopted children, Jolie stressed the importance of treating each child’s unique background with respect and openness. The Maleficent star described adoption and orphanage as positive terms in her household and emphasized the beauty of different paths to becoming a family.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Angelina Jolie discussed the significance of acknowledging her three adopted children’s cultural backgrounds. She expressed that although she was unable to speak about pregnancy with them, she speaks about the journey of finding them with great affection and detail. Jolie also emphasized the beauty of adopting children from different races and foreign lands, as it brings a unique sense of mystery and connection between worlds.

Jolie has her hands full with six children, three of whom she gave birth to and three that she adopted. Maddox, Pax, and Zahara were all adopted before the arrival of Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. Jolie believes that non-biological children should never forget their roots and encourages others to honor and learn from them. She considers it an incredible journey to share with them.

During an interview in 2017, the renowned actress emphasized the importance of non-biological children never losing connection with their roots. She also mentioned her decision to end her marriage to Brad Pitt, whom she first met on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith in 2004, for the well-being of their kids. She shared that it was the right choice and that she remains focused on their healing. Despite some misinformation in the media, she reminds her children that they know their own truth and have strong minds. She describes her six children as very brave and strong individuals.

According to Vogue, Jolie made the decision based on her family’s wellbeing. The couple, who had been together for 10 years, tied the knot in August 2014 but their marriage came to an end when Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016. Reports suggest that the divorce was triggered by an argument between Brad and Maddox while flying to Los Angeles in 2016. However, Brad was cleared of any wrongdoing in November of the same year. The court granted Angelina physical custody of all six children, with Brad continuing to have agreed-upon therapeutic visitations with them.

Angelina Jolie has been focusing on her children’s healing in the midst of her divorce from Brad Pitt. Despite some false media reports, she reminds them to trust their own truth and minds. Brad had requested more time with the kids, but an emergency hearing in December 2016 to seal all documents surrounding the case was denied. In January 2017, they agreed to keep their court documents private in a joint statement. However, they went back to court in June 2018 after a judge ordered Angelina to help repair Brad’s relationship with their children. He was granted more time with them, but by August, Angelina accused him of not paying “meaningful” child support, which he denied. They reached out to each other to improve their co-parenting relationship in September. In April 2019, a judge granted them both legal single status while finalizing their divorce. They have agreed on a custody arrangement for their children and are sorting out property and finances, including Miraval, their French winery. Brad filed documents to appoint a private judge to continue discussions and the court agreed, as long as they paid for the judge’s time themselves. In March 2020, Brad filed paperwork regarding their children’s education and transitional support, and they agreed on a traditional approach.

In the past, Angelina had taken a four-year break from acting after splitting from Brad, with whom she was in a 12-year relationship and had six children. Since the pandemic, Brad’s children have been spending time with their mother at her $25 million home, which is located just a few minutes away from his mansion. Recently, Brad threw a party for Shiloh, which was attended by all of her siblings, including Maddox, who was previously estranged from his father. Brad has been working hard to mend his family’s rifts since his highly publicized divorce proceedings against Angelina in 2016. However, sources claim that the former couple has been getting along better lately since agreeing on a custody schedule for their children. According to Entertainment Tonight’s source, Brad always puts his kids first and learns a lot about life from them. The source further shared that Brad and Angie have come a long way and have been getting along so much better since the custody rules have been worked out.

Flashback: The actors who were introduced to each other during the production of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004; captured in a scene from the movie released in 2005.

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