Cardi B surprises fans by attempting rhythmic gymnastics while pregnant!

Cardi B sorprende al intentar realizar gimnasia rítmica ¡Estando embarazada!

During the latest episode of her Facebook Watch series, called “Cardi Tries,” rapper Cardi B surprised fans by attempting to win a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics. This was especially surprising considering the fact that she is currently pregnant. Alongside Amanda Seales, who has experience in gymnastics, Cardi took to the mat to try out the sport, revealing that both she and her three-year-old daughter, Kulture, have shown an interest in it. Despite not being naturally flexible, Cardi plans to enroll her daughter in gymnastics classes to improve her flexibility, explaining that it can take you far in life. The rapper recently announced her pregnancy with a nude photoshoot.

Cardi B y Amanda Seales en sus rutinas de gimnasia

Cardi B and Amanda Seales were spotted working out together in a video posted on Cardi B’s Facebook account. The Billboard’s Woman of the Year showed off some moves while the expectant mother tried her hand at spirals with a ribbon, appearing to have a natural talent for it. Both Cardi and Seales impressed their instructor, Stasya Generalova, who is a member of the US rhythmic gymnastics national team. Generalova was thrilled to have them in her class, noting that Cardi’s experience as a performer made her well-suited for the sport, while Amanda’s background as a former gymnast gave her some tricks up her sleeve. While Cardi enjoyed her time on the court, she admitted that gymnastics might not have been the best choice during her pregnancy. She plans to try artistic gymnastics after giving birth, as crossing her legs is currently a challenge. In case you’re wondering, Cardi B has two children.

Cardi B es madre de una pequeña y espera a su segundo hijo

Cardi B, who became a mother to a girl named Kulture Kiari in 2018, is currently pregnant with her second child. She has decided not to have a baby shower this time around, citing her overwhelming feelings about hosting big events like that. Instead, she made Kulture’s birthday celebration extra special to compensate. Cardi B also revealed that she only found out about her pregnancy two weeks before her performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards with Megan Thee Stallion. During rehearsals, she experienced nausea, dizziness, and headaches – classic signs of pregnancy. After taking a pregnancy test, she told her husband, Offset, and they both laughed and said, “Lord, we have a lot to do!”

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