Cardi B Rocks Three Extravagant Headpieces in Her Latest Music Video for “Bongos”

Could it be too tardy to label Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s latest track as the song of summer? If that’s the case, their new single “Bongos” is definitely a strong contender for song of the year. The duo not only delivered catchy lyrics but also showcased some unforgettable fashion. This release comes as a follow-up to their previous hit “WAP,” which debuted in 2020 and has been a constant presence in the music scene ever since.

Cardi B’s latest video premiered at midnight, featuring her donning three Harris Reed demi-couture headpieces, designed in collaboration with Vivienne Lake. The headpieces complement each of Cardi’s intricate cutout one-pieces in vibrant hues of turquoise, hot pink and bright yellow. In addition to the headwear, matching bangles were included in each outfit. As expected, Cardi flaunted her flowing grassy designs, showcasing her signature dance moves. If the couture creations seem familiar, it’s because Iman donned a similar one while attending the 2021 Met Gala with Reed.

Cardi B shared a cautionary message with her fans ahead of the release of her latest track. She expressed her concern about their reaction to the new vibe as many may have been anticipating a follow-up to her hit song “WAP”. During an interview on the Whoo’s House podcast, the rapper acknowledged that she does touch upon some sexual themes in the song but clarified that it is not on the same level as “WAP”.

She mentioned the video but refrained from specifically mentioning the Harris Reed designs.

Cardi B expressed that the theme of the music video is distinct and unlike anything else. She also commented on the intricate and beautiful visuals of the video. Furthermore, she spoke about her collaboration with another hot girl, emphasizing the importance of women supporting each other. Cardi highlighted the effort they both put into the music video and their strong bond, stating that they worked tirelessly to create something that truly reflects their vision. The end result is a testament to the thought and dedication they put into it.

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