Cardi B Rocks Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture Kick-Off with Her Giant Wing Shrug

The beginning of Schiaparelli’s high-end fashion show was elevated by an enthralling entrance from Cardi B., who wore a unique and imaginative shrug that resembled enormous wings.

Sporting a gorgeous velvet gown, Cardi B. made an impressive entrance and couldn’t contain her admiration for the outfit, referring to it as “amazing” and “beautiful.” She was thrilled to be seated beside Tracee Ellis Ross and even addressed her fans as “my little truffles” before the show kicked off. Sadly, as soon as the show ended, Cardi B. was quickly surrounded by enthusiastic guests all hoping to snap a photo with her, leading her to make a hasty exit.

Schiaparelli’s latest fashion show presented a wing shrug that was not as striking as their previous season’s hyper-realistic animal-themed designs. Instead, this season’s cape had wool tufts layered to enhance its volume. It was obviously faux, but still managed to make a statement.

On the other hand, Tracee Ellis Ross, who has been seen sporting Schiaparelli designs on various red carpets, went for a more laid-back look with a purple silk suit that resembled a set of pajamas. As she reflected on Daniel Roseberry’s evolution as a fashion designer since his first couture collection in 2019, Ellis Ross commended his artistry and how every collection he creates is transformative. She was especially grateful for the chance to witness Roseberry’s full potential in the world of couture.

Ellis Ross also recently finished filming “Cold Copy” alongside Jeffrey Wright, where she played a character unlike any she has played before. She expressed her enthusiasm for the role, citing the unique style of the film that required her to have straight hair with bangs and avoid smiling. Next up for her is a Christmas movie called “Candy Cane Lane,” which stars Eddie Murphy.

Ellis Ross is famous for her fearless fashion choices, considering clothing as a means of exhibiting creativity. She has an extensive wardrobe that occupies a large part of her home, and she affectionately calls the rooms reserved for it. Gwendoline Christie, a star from “Game of Thrones,” and supermodel Marisa Berenson bonded quickly in the front row. They enjoyed taking selfies together and asked passersby to take pictures and videos of their interaction.

Christie, who has long admired Roseberry’s work, praised the designer’s artistry and imaginative vision while attending the show. She commended the seamless collaboration between Roseberry and his atelier, expressing her pleasure in witnessing their remarkable partnership.

Daniel Roseberry showcased a range of stunning looks that are bound to make an impact on the red carpet. The collection featured dramatic volume, mirrored suits, a gold-studded skirt, and Irina Shayk elegantly draped in a floral wrap. The show concluded with mesmerizing white silk ensembles adorned with painted feathers, leaving a lasting impression of Schiaparelli’s masterful craftsmanship.

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