Cardi B Drops Bombshell About WWE WrestleMania 40 Performance

It seems like professional wrestling and the music scene are about to collide in a big way! The talented musician, Cardi B, has voiced her interest in joining the upcoming WrestleMania 40 event in Philadelphia in April 2024. This unexpected news has definitely turned heads, as people wonder what kind of role she could take on in the world of wrestling. Despite her fame and notoriety, Cardi B seems genuinely excited at the prospect of being a part of such a massive event. She even shared her enthusiasm on social media, just before dropping her latest single ‘Bongos’ with Megan Thee Stallion. It remains to be seen what kind of impact Cardi B will have on the world of professional wrestling, but fans can’t wait to find out!

Cardi B was recently interviewed on Hot 97 and was asked about her interest in joining WWE. While she acknowledged the exciting stunts performed by artists like Bad Bunny, she seemed less inclined towards such dangerous moves. The rapper also spoke candidly about the physical challenges she’s faced, especially after giving birth to her second child, which might be a factor in determining the nature of her involvement in wrestling. Despite this, Cardi B remains passionate about the sport and expressed her desire to fulfill her dream of being part of WWE, whether it’s through performing or simply attending.

As we gear up for WrestleMania 40, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Cardi B potentially making an appearance. Peter Rosenberg has been vocal about his support for the rapper’s involvement and promised to help make it happen. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates on this exciting possibility. With the event set to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 6th and 7th, 2024, the anticipation is building. If Cardi B does end up joining the lineup, it would add an extra level of excitement to what is already an electrifying atmosphere at WrestleMania.

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