“Beyond the Hype: Examining the Issue of Body Shaming in Miley Cyrus’ World”

Recently, Miley Cyrus has been sharing personal information about herself more frequently, according to an article from In Touch. The publication suggests that the singer is trying to steal back the spotlight from her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. In a previous article, In Touch claimed that Cyrus was flashing her breasts and compulsively exercising to grab attention away from Hemsworth’s success in the movie “Hunger Games.” Now, the magazine alleges that Cyrus even started her own anorexia rumors. Despite posting a photo of herself holding fast food with the caption “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the sh*ttttt out of it,” Cyrus has been accused of using these posts to get her followers to speculate about her having an eating disorder. According to the article, Cyrus defended her dramatic weight loss by saying she has a gluten allergy. However, this only drew more attention to her weight. An anonymous insider said, “Miley is willing to do anything to get attention.” It’s hard to believe that a person would start anorexia rumors about oneself, especially in response to a partner’s professional success. The article ends by questioning whether Cyrus’s body shaming has gotten out of control.

Miley Cyrus recently tweeted a message that could be perceived as body shaming towards skinny girls, stating that their bodies are like boy bodies. This message was retweeted to her millions of followers on Twitter, without any consideration for the fact that some girls are naturally slim due to genetics or health issues. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Miley has propagated such messages on social media. It is important to remember that body shaming is hurtful and affects people from all walks of life.

Hey there, ONTD! Let’s talk about body shaming. Is it fair to criticize and insult skinny girls by saying they have bodies like little boys or that they look like a snake swallowed a rib cage? And what about when people post embarrassing pictures of celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus almost having a wardrobe malfunction? Recently, Miley responded to Perez Hilton posting those pictures by showing him some love on Twitter. What are your thoughts on these issues?

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