“Beyond the Hollywood Glamour: Rare Snapshots of Teenage Angelina Jolie’s Rebellious Spirit and Alternative Lifestyle”

Rare and exclusive photographs and personal correspondences unveil Angelina Jolie’s life before she rose to fame as Hollywood’s most iconic actress. These images and letters provide an intimate look into the youthful years of the Oscar winner whilst living in Beverly Hills. The Maleficent superstar can be seen at the age of 14 enjoying pizza and drinks with her friends, relaxing in bed, and even posing for pictures in front of a cemetery.

The actress, who now stands at the age of 45, composed letters and postcards to her closest pals disclosing details about her hangovers, the gentlemen who had caught her eye, and her fractured relationship with her family during her teenage years.

DailyMail.com has obtained never-before-seen photos of actress Angelina Jolie in her teenage years along with letters she wrote her closest friends

DailyMail.com has recently obtained never-before-seen pictures of Angelina Jolie when she was a teenager, as well as personal letters that she wrote to her dearest friends. These exclusive items have not been released before.

A source close to Angie in her youth said she was a rebellious youngster who was 'anti-Beverly Hills'

As per an informant familiar with Angie’s younger days, she was quite the rebel and didn’t approve of Beverly Hills.

'We partied. We drank and smoked cigarettes and took acid,' and old friend of Angie's told DailyMail.com. 'We roamed about wherever we could get on the bus'

As per one of Angie’s long-time pals, they had an insane night of fun where they danced, drank, smoked, and even tried acid. They aimlessly strolled around and boarded various buses to explore new places.

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The source, who provided the images and letters and has asked to remain anonymous, first met Angie when they both attended El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles, California

An anonymous source recently provided a collection of pictures and letters that shed light on Angie’s early years at El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles, California. The source described Angie as an unconventional but stunning individual who had a fascination with the darker side of life. Apparently, she had a rebellious streak and began experimenting with alcohol, acid, and marijuana in her early teens. Despite her edgy demeanor, Angie always showed kindness to others, often lending money to friends and donating to those in need. She was also anti-Beverly Hills and identified as an anarchist, dressing in black and rejecting materialism. Angie and her friends prioritized standing up against bullies and advocating for marginalized groups. Despite her wild side, Angie’s charitable nature ultimately paved the way for her humanitarian work with refugees worldwide.

In one letter she wrote that she had met 'Mr Perfect.' 'I met Mr Perfect. I don't know his name, he's a great kisser, I'll never see him again!' she wrote. 'When I get back we'll have another one of those nights'

In a written correspondence, she made a reference to encountering an individual she dubbed as “Mr. Perfect.” Despite not being aware of his actual name, she depicted him as an exceptional kisser and asserted that she wouldn’t be meeting him again. She conveyed her eagerness of experiencing another one of those exhilarating nights with him upon her homecoming.

In a series of postcards sent in 1989, 14-year-old Angie wrote to her friend about men she was attracted to. 'Nobody knows I like him but he said he wants to work with me,' she wrote. 'He's perfect, tall, thin, black hair, lives in a studio!'

In the year 1989, a teenage girl named Angie wrote a bunch of postcards to her buddy about the guys she found attractive. One of the notelets contained the description of a boy whom nobody knew she had a crush on. He expressed his interest in working with her. Angie thought he was absolutely flawless – tall, slender, with black hair, and resided in a studio.

Angie wrote about her birthday and how she was looking forward to spend time with her friend. 'Well another birthday. One for me...on for you. Are you 17 already? Where does the time go?' she wrote

Angie eagerly anticipates her approaching birthday and is thrilled to hang out with her pal. She pondered on the rapid passage of time and is astounded that she’s turning 17. “It’s yet another birthday for both of us. You’re already 17? Time sure flies,” she penned.

She discussed her dysfunctional relationship with her family, writing 'I wish I was going somewhere. New York doesn't count. I'd rather lay naked in a pit full of red ants than go visit my relatives'

She discussed her family relationships that were not functioning well and revealed her aspiration to flee to another destination. She penned, “I yearn to visit a different place. New York is not an option. I would prefer to be stripped bare and thrown into a hole full of red ants than pay a visit to my relatives.”

In another post card to her friends in August 1989, she wrote about being on an airplane. 'Hello I just got my period can you believe this. It's just my luck,' she wrote. 'Ive been on this plane now for 3 hours and going mad!'

In August 1989, she sent another postcard to her buddies, narrating her airplane trip and the sudden onset of her menstrual cycle. She was surprised and made light of the situation by joking that it was typical of her luck. After enduring three hours of flight, she exclaimed that she was losing her mind.

Angie pondered about the meaning of life in one letter from 1991, written when she was 16. 'Nothing much ever changes!!,' she wrote. 'When you think about it nothing stays the same. Thank God!'

At the tender age of 16, Angie already contemplated the significance of life, as evidenced by a letter she penned in 1991. Despite acknowledging the lack of significant changes in life, Angie expressed gratitude for the constancy. Two years prior, at the age of 14, Angie wrote several postcards to her friend, detailing her attraction to different men. One man was a photographer whom she hoped to collaborate with due to her fondness for him, although she suspected he might be homosexual. In another letter, Angie recounted a brief encounter with “Mr. Perfect,” whom she kissed but never saw again as she did not know his name. At 14, Angie also complained about experiencing a hangover. Sources hinted that Angie’s mother had arranged for her daughter to start taking birth control pills when she was 15, an action that irked Angie. The situation escalated when her mother allowed her boyfriend to sleep in her room, prompting Angie to rebel by flushing the pills. Nonetheless, the sources attested to Angie’s unwavering willpower and resilience since their acquaintance at the age of 13.

The source claimed that Angie's mother Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away at the age of 56, arranged for her daughter to take birth control at 15, to Angie's annoyance

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Angie's relationship with her famous dad Jon Voight, now 81, was very strained after he cheated on Marcheline

As per reports, Angie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who departed at the age of 56, made arrangements for her daughter to have access to birth control when she was only 15 years old, which apparently left Angie quite irritated. After John Voight, Angie’s famous father, cheated on Marcheline, their relationship became strained. John Voight is currently 81 years old.

The source said, 'She was always a wonderful person and we had a wonderful friendship. People don't realize that she was always charitable, wild but charitable. I hadn't seen her one time for six months and she gave me money'

As per an insider, the individual in question was always amazing and had a fantastic bond with others. Few people know that she had a wild side as well as a generous heart. Although they hadn’t met in half a year, she still generously offered the insider some money.

The source added that Angie was attracted to the dark side and dreamed of becoming a funeral director and even took a course in embalming

As per the information provided, it was stated that Angie had a fascination for things that were somewhat eerie and had dreams of pursuing a career as a funeral director. She was so passionate about it that she even enrolled herself in an embalming program.

Angie is seen posing in front of a cemetery as a teen. Her childhood friend said she was always interested in death and suicide

During her teenage years, Angie was captured in a photo while standing in front of a cemetery, which reportedly highlights her fascination with death and suicide. As per one of her childhood friends, she always had an interest in these eerie subjects. According to a reliable source, Angie’s mother was quite lenient and allowed her and her friends to do whatever they wanted. They even used to hang out and drink at their house, as her mother preferred to keep an eye on them. However, it is believed that Angie’s relationship with her famous father, John Voight, suffered after he cheated on her mother, Marcheline. The source stated that she once threw a computer gifted by Voight out of her room’s window. In a letter, Angie expressed her disdain for visiting family in New York and claimed that she would instead prefer to be naked in a pit full of red ants than to be around her relatives.

The future actress is seen as a teen lounging on a couch surrounded by friends as they ate pizza and drank beers

A photograph depicts a young female adolescent in a laid-back pose, reclining on a sofa with her peers, relishing in the delights of pizza and brews. Speculation suggests that she may have aspirations to become an actress.

'She tried to do the things that were wild, that were anti-Beverly Hills. We dressed in black and thought we were anarchists,' the source said

As per an insider, she ventured into unconventionality and deviated from the norms of Beverly Hills. Donning black attire, they perceived themselves as outcasts or anarchists.

Angie is seen in the right corner of this photo sitting at a table full of beer bottles with friends

The photo captures Angie enjoying a social gathering with her pals and a generous amount of beer bottles placed in the corner to the right.

Angie went on to become an award-winning and world famous actress and a mother to six children. But the star never turned her back on her unconventional upbringing

Despite her unconventional upbringing, Angie remained true to herself and never turned her back on her roots. She later became a renowned actress and a mother of six children. Angie was always drawn to the darker side of life, often dreaming of becoming a funeral director and even enrolling in an embalming course. She found solace in spending time at cemeteries and was once photographed in front of a graveyard in LA. At 16 years old, she wrote a letter where she pondered the meaning of life and expressed her desire to find her purpose. Although asked to lose weight for her modeling career, Angie stayed authentic to herself and her punk roots and always embraced her tattoos.

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