Astounding! Enchanting Cat Displays Heterochromia in the Most Captivating Way with Eyes of Different Shades

Introducing Niu Nai, the adorable black cat that stands out with its two distinct colored eyes. This is due to a genetic condition called heterochromia iridis which is commonly seen in white cats with low melanin levels. Niu Nai’s owner has shared several heartwarming videos of the feline on social media, highlighting both its unique feature and affectionate nature. To add to its appeal, Niu Nai’s name means “milk” in Mandarin.

The owner of the cat, which is named Niu Nai, meaning milk in mandarin, shared videos of the moggy to social media showing its colourful eyes

The proud owner of a feline named Niu Nai (which translates to milk in Mandarin) has been sharing videos of their adorable pet on social media. The videos showcase the cat’s distinct and vibrant eyes that have caught people’s attention. Interestingly, a cat’s eye color is influenced by melanin, the same pigment that affects the skin color. Kittens are born with blue eyes, but as they mature, melanin shifts to their irises, resulting in a change in their eye color. By 12 weeks old, their definitive eye color will be established. Depending on their melanin levels, cats may retain blue eyes or have a blend of blue, yellow, green, or brown eyes. In the footage, Niu Nai’s owner illustrates the shape and size of the cat’s eyes in various lighting conditions.

Known as heterochromia iridis, or odd-eyed, the condition is passed down through genes and usually affects white cats as it's connected to low melanin levels

Heterochromia iridis or odd-eyed is a genetic condition commonly found in white cats due to low melanin levels. As the cat’s pupils expand, the amount of visible color decreases. Recently, a delightful video surfaced featuring an odd-eyed cat enjoying a luxurious bath. This condition is often observed in various breeds such as Persian, Turkish Angoras, and Sphynx, resulting in eyes of different colors. However, it is essential to note that in some Instagram posts, the blue eye may appear red due to a layer of melanin that removes specific colors of light, creating a red-eye effect in photos.

As its pupils dilate the amount of colour that can be seen lessens. And in one adorable clip the cat is seen enjoying a warm bath

As the pupils of the cat expand, its ability to perceive colors decreases. This was demonstrated in an adorable video featuring a cat luxuriating in a soothing bath.

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