“Another Burglary: Messi’s In-Laws Targeted in Argentina Hometown”

A group of armed robbers recently attacked the family of Antonela Roccuzzo, wife of Argentine football star Lionel Messi, in the city of Rosario, Argentina. The unfortunate news came as a shock to Messi who hails from the same place. According to Ole newspaper, Antonela’s cousin Agustina Scaglia (23 years old) and Maianela, an employee at Unico supermarket owned by Messi’s family, were carrying two bags containing 8 million pesos (equivalent to $22,443 USD) to deposit in a bank when they were robbed.

Đám cướp đã bắn một phát vào cửa kính sau của chiếc Chevrolet Onix. Ảnh: Internet

While driving near the Unico supermarket, the Chevrolet Onix car belonging to Messi’s wife was unexpectedly attacked by a white car. It is suspected that the attackers were robbers. Agustina, Messi’s cousin-in-law, tried to escape and while accelerating, she collided with another car driving in the same direction. One of the robbers then shot at the rear window of the Chevrolet Onix to force Agustina to stop the car. As soon as they could, two individuals got out of the white car, smashed the window, and stole a purse containing 8 million pesos. This bold robbery left the girl in the car in a state of psychological distress.

Vụ cướp khiến Agustina Scaglia và Maianela hoảng loạn về tinh thần. Ảnh: Internet

Agustina Scaglia and Maianela were left shaken by a recent robbery. It is clear that Messi’s wife’s family is receiving unwanted attention from malicious individuals. This is due to the fact that they have been targeted in two attacks within a few months. In March of this year, they were also victimized.

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