Angelina Jolie’s Chinese Birthday Bash: Blowing out the Maleficent-Themed Cake and Wishing for a Healthy Family

Angelina Jolie celebrated her 39th birthday in China where she was promoting her Disney movie. Even though she was far away from her home, she still managed to have a good time with her Maleficent themed cake that had two tiers. On her special day, Angelina’s main wish was for the good health of her family and children – a desire that all mothers share. She made it clear that the well-being of her loved ones will always come first.

She's 39! Angelina Jolie celebrated her birthday in Shanghai, China on Tuesday while promoting her new film Maleficent

Angelina Jolie, the famous Hollywood actress and devoted mother to six children, recently celebrated her 39th birthday in Shanghai, China while promoting her latest film, Maleficent. Despite her age, Jolie looked stunning in a sheer black dress and gorgeous highlighted hair styled to one side. Her joy was evident as she leaned over her beautifully decorated cake, complete with a Maleficent doll sporting horns and adorned with pink and yellow roses. It was a special occasion for the beloved actress who has won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Can we have a slice?: The Oscar winner was presented with a clever Maleficent themed purple and black cake

Do you mind sharing a slice with us? The winner of the Oscars received a cake that had a beautifully crafted Maleficent design, using a combination of dark shades of purple and black.

Tiers of joy: The mother of six was not seen eating the two level cake but she sure seemed happy with the confection

The mother of six was spotted on her birthday, admiring a two-tiered cake but refraining from indulging in it. She had the pleasure of spending the day with Pitt and three of their six children, exploring the city, tasting the local food, and even attending a dim sum class. Angelina raved about her love for Chinese cuisine, and the family was thrilled to experience authentic versions of it. They clearly had a fantastic time, with Vivienne even expressing a desire to extend their stay.

Not discouraged: Angelina will continue to mingle with fans at future premieres

Angelina Jolie wants her fans to know that she’s not letting the recent prankster incident at the Maleficent premiere in Hollywood get to her. During her promotion of the Disney film in Shanghai, China, Jolie reassured her supporters that she plans on continuing to interact with them at future premieres. She also downplayed the idea of her and Brad Pitt taking extra security measures, stating that the majority of her fans are great. As a reminder, the prankster Vitalii Sediuk received a 30-day jail sentence for his attack on Pitt.

Shocked: Brad was attacked despite the presence of his large array of security officers

In a recent interview, Brad Pitt shared his version of the Maleficent premiere incident in Hollywood where he was attacked by prankster Vitalii Sediuk. The actor recounted how he was signing autographs when he noticed someone jumping over the barrier towards him. Pitt stepped back and saw that the man was trying to conceal his face.

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