A series of rare photos and handwritten letters that have never been revealedaout Angelina Jolie when she was not famous.

Daily Mail has recently published a collection of never-before-seen photographs of Angelina Jolie from her teenage years, before she became one of Hollywood’s most famous women. These photos and letters were provided to them by an anonymous source who was a close friend of Jolie’s during their time at El Rodeo High School in Beverly Hills. The source described Jolie as “eccentric and beautiful,” with a wild streak that often led her to engage in drinking, smoking, and other reckless behavior. Despite this, the source noted that Jolie was always generous with her friends and willing to help those in need, including the homeless.

Exclusive photographs have surfaced, revealing Angelina Jolie during her teenage years for the first time. According to a source close to Jolie, the actress has always been a kind and charitable person, as well as wild. Even though the source hasn’t seen Jolie in six months, she still lent them money. The source also mentioned that Jolie is generous with her friends and always willing to help those in need. These qualities aren’t new, as Jolie exhibited them when she was just 14 years old. The mother of six has become an important advocate for refugees worldwide. In the never-before-published photographs, Jolie can be seen drinking with friends, eating pizza, lying on a bed, and posing in front of a cemetery.

Aside from the pictures, the unidentified pal also divulged a set of postcards Angie wrote in 1989. These messages were addressed to her friend and talkedaout her attraction to different men. In one postcard, she mentioned a photographer she met who wanted to work with her. Angie found him perfect because he is tall, skinny, dark-haired, and lives in a studio. But then again, she thought he might be gay. On the other hand, in another letter, Angie shared her encounter with “Mr. Perfect,” whom she found to be an excellent kisser. However, she stated that she wouldn’t see him anymore. Moreover, Brad Pitt’s former wife discussed some insignificant events in her life like flying during the “red light” period.

The correspondence entails the topic of a fictional character known as “Mr Perfect.”

Angie confided in her closest pal about her admiration for a photographer who caught her eye.

On the occasion of Angie’s birthday, she desires to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life with her dearest companion.

In a different correspondence, she discussed the uneasiness she experienced while flying on a day marked as “red light.”

On many occasions, the letters contain vague statements like “nothing much has changed.” According to a source, Angie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away at 56 due to breast cancer, arranged for her daughter to start taking birth control pills at the age of 15. Angie was not happy about it and also refused to sleep with her boyfriend or take the drugs. However, the friend praised Marcheline, saying she was great and allowed them to do what they wanted, even partying at her house. On the other hand, Angie’s relationship with her father, Jon Voight, was described as tense after he cheated on Marcheline. Apparently, Angie threw the computer her father bought for her out of the window despite its value not being small. In one of her letters, Angie expressed that she would prefer to “lie naked in a pit full of fire ants” than visit her relatives in New York.

Angelina Jolie shares a strong bond with her mother, but harbors negative feelings towards her father due to his infidelity.

While talking to her friend, she expressed her reluctance to visit her relatives in New York. According to a source, Angie has a fascination for somber and eerie things, even aspiring to be a funeral director and taking an embalming course at home. She enjoys spending time in cemeteries and was seen posing outside one in LA in a photo.

During her teenage years, Angie was plagued by frightening and ominous thoughts. According to reports, she was haunted by suicidal ideations and a sense of darkness that enveloped her. Back in 1991, the actress wrote to a friend, sharing her innermost musings on the meaning of life and expressing her continued search for purpose.

Moreover, the source shed light on Angie’s early days in the modeling industry. While she was undoubtedly gorgeous and thin, her management company allegedly pressured her to lose even more weight, prompting concern from her friend. The situation struck her as absurd, and understandably so.

Angie embarked on her modeling career during this period

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